The All-Seeing Eye

One imagines the invisible hand of Adam Smith guiding the DC-ringed hand of Rob Dyrdek in bringing together this Alien Workshop/Century Optics collaboration on a fisheye lens designed for iPhones, further diversifying that perennial acquisition target away from skateboard decks and its array of bath-time offerings such as soap and towels. As Alien’s spirit guide, lead vocalist, mariachi band liaison and general-purpose mascot on last year’s winning KOTR bid, Omar Salazar is a worthwhile one to endorse this product offering, but you wonder if it was an overflow of merchant-marine ink that maybe kept Gilbert Crockett out of the running, as a dude who already has had a hand in filming a whole video shot on cell phone cameras. Maybe Century Optics feared being on the receiving end of hand-made prototypes for telephoto lenses? Will the industry’s next video camera collaboration see Palace link up with JVC?

The GR-AXM18US also includes a combination of 11 built-in digital special effects and wipes/fades that allow you to give your videos a polished, professional look

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8 Responses to “The All-Seeing Eye”

  1. Jo El Says:

    does it have a feature to add in canned effects such as: seagulls, segways? what about dinosaur junior?

  2. t.a. Says:

    That’s it, I’m getting a landline. As for the visual/audio, the quality is meh.

    Worth it for the bar-Ollie, though. Omar just floats…it’s great.

  3. DamnDanMAn Says:

    All hail the new flesh

  4. jigga jauce Says:

    this shit is fucking unreadable drivel, stop trying so hard. we get it, you failed high school english, you don’t need to prove anything to us

  5. Devo Says:

    How the fuck did they get that overhead angle?

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