Leo Valls Takes Advantage Of A Hurricane To Make A Case For The Continued Relevance Of Tail Devils, Grappling Hooks


The kindest gift that Paul Rodriguez ever bestowed upon the industry was making switch 360 flips down double sets look not-really-trying casual. Upping the ante in one’s mid-teens to not only top-drawer difficulty but seeming no-sweat execution put a fresh floor under tricks that pushed boundaries and set the stage for a weird and wondrous era in which random YouTube kids compete with professionals for unique page views and thumbs-up identifiers. It also enabled dudes who aren’t up to switch backside noseblunting handrails to differentiate on metrics such as speed, aesthetics, geography, or wearing suspenders. French cobblestone ticklers Magenta have based their whole deal on agility and architecture without fussing a great deal over filling up their tech/gnar power meters, pumping out a stream of sliding- and pushing-packed vids that have refreshed and divided the populace in ways similar to the Stereo videos of yore, except with more Wu-Tang Clan.

Making a New York vid probably has been on these dudes’ list as long as the Los Angeles schoolyards were for the Palace guys, and watching their new ‘Panic in Gotham’ clip you get a sense of the zest with which they screeched their wheels across these hallowed streets, even if most of the marquee spots were disregarded in favor of jumping whatever benches and bars they ran across. New York long has been associated with chutzpah and some balls are helpful if you aim to insert clips of flatground shove-its or a repeat of one of those one-footed slider moves, but this raises interesting questions around the role of these caffeinated French purists, and tricks like Leo Valls’ tail-skid to slappy noseslide.

Are the Magenta bros in their tightly fished, powerslide-mining fashion pushing as much innovation as the likes of Corey Kennedy or Torey Pudwill working over a DIY parking block ledge? Would their efforts be classified as ‘lateral’ progression, devolution or some as-yet unknown direction? Is there room for Magenta as a hardgood manufacturer to differentiate on products amenable to their styles of scooching and spinning, like ceramic wheels or tailguards? Could Magenta and Nissan collab on an environmentally friendly grappling hook that enables urban skaters to hook a ride on a low-emission vehicle?

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17 Responses to “Leo Valls Takes Advantage Of A Hurricane To Make A Case For The Continued Relevance Of Tail Devils, Grappling Hooks”

  1. fifty8s Says:

    watch skate archives or better yet tightbooths LENZ and FESN im sure thats were they get their shit from, still love Soy though

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s another good day for Paul:

  3. dummbert Says:

    good read, appreciate it.

    what i liked the most about magenta was their capabality of sw bs 5050s and stuff midst powerslides, flatground ollies and carving through weird architecture.

    they lose this in their new york clip, it’s more about powerslides and flatground ollies than anything else.

    and if i wanna watch someone do real good flatground ollies midst lines, i watch chewy cannon

  4. Anonymous Says:

    while on the topic, anyone know how to get a copy of lenz in canada?

    • formeitscrazylike Says:

      I bet you can order it online from Japan. Gonna cost an arm and a leg to ship it, but I think it’s worth it. I actually met some of the dudes involved in Lenz and they told me Lenz 2 is in the makes, so maybe just wait for that.

      Also, check night prowler…

      Same vibe, better skating IMO.

      • fifty8s Says:

        How about the strush video “cityscape” did it ever come out?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks yeah i checked tightbooth’s website but its all in japanese. couldn’t make it through the checkout process. thats cool though i’ll wait on number 2.

        @fifty8s Cityscape is out, its dope, theories of atlantis webstore has it if youre looking for it.

      • fifty8s Says:

        Awesome. Thanks I’m going to order it right now

  5. fifty8s Says:

    i got it off unicron.net but its not there anymore

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I might be the only person on the left coast who doest back this. The first Hill St Blues, fuck yeah that was sick. The 2nd, just wasnt as good. And now this one. Its just more of the same shit. Dont get me wrong its good. But its almost expected. Classic Hip Hop, night skating and medicore tricks. Hey if thats the goal rad, but are we just going with the flow and thinking its cool? Not me, sorry Magenta, I still love you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Nope I feel this way too. It was cool ,it was different. But it gets boring once you’re “trying to be different” and try to make only about style, because its about both.

  7. art hellman Says:

    Fowler shut the books on just putzin around in Tincan Folklore…without resorting to tomfoolery.

    Is it Lenz where there’s a whole section based on 4-5 guys skating a lil three stair, a sign, and a barrier? Love that part.

    Speaking of Japanese videos, the Lesque guys need to come out with a new full length vid.

    • fifty8s Says:

      Yes, I love one of the enders on that vid, it was a backtail or backlip on a stair to gap to nose manny…shit looked fake, amazing

  8. Thibaut Says:

    If you want to see a more “classic street” part of Leo, check this http://vimeo.com/58242076.
    It’s a local video filmed in Bordeaux. It was released 5 days ago.

  9. seems appropriate Says:

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