In Which A Recent Krew Video Inspires Us To Tally Up Some All-Time Lords Of The Bucket-Hat


They say history is written by the victors, and when it comes to rewriting certain chapters, or revitalizing them for the purposes of revivalism, maybe we say the past is best remembered by those popping bottles and making it rain in the club at any given point in time. Current bottle-popper and kickflip backside noseblunter Lucien Clarke remains among the hottest ‘boarders out of London and as an employee of Palace possesses the subcultural capital to deploy for the purposes of making his mark on the scene, whatever it and that may be. So it is that this meaty clip released last week by Krew clothes documents his daring decision to get behind the bucket-hat, that vestige of late 1990s fashion long since wadded up in the fist of time and used to clobber some smaller, clumsier dimension for forgetting to stoke the rescue fire.

A Palace-branded white button-up that a waiter or Dylan Rieder might wear commands a $200 asking price on Ebay, giving the company and its team-riders gravitas in the accessorizing game, and doubling down on the bucket-hat is in keeping with prior Menace-aping efforts. But are Lucien Clarke’s shoulders broad enough to pick up and carry forward the bucket hat’s noble legacy? Here is a look back at some of its esteemed practitioners throughout the hat’s golden age.

Andrew Reynolds: The Boss is an obvious influence on Lucien Clarke’s massive nollie backside kickflips, and during his Birdhouse-moppet era a bucket-hat held down Reynolds’ locks as he launched himself down gaps and rails in “The End.” The fact that his hairdo looked sort of like a bowl cut only adds to the mystique and credibility of the hat.

Jason Dill: Probably run more as a novelty item that completed a Dr. Hunter S Thompson ensemble for a brief juice-sipping clip that featured in TWS’ “Feedback”, Dill’s foray came early in his deep dive into alternative fashion that would lead many an impressionable youngster down the proverbial garden path throughout the ’00s. You get the sense that Jason Dill probably was not that invested in the hat necessarily, but it’s interesting to ponder how he currently views its place in the world, and whether he agrees with Lucien Clarke that it is ripe for revisiting.

Chad Fernandez: Even before Chad Fernandez was drawn into a verbal sparring match with an unpaid tween amateur he gave the impression that he had something more to prove than other pros, which is maybe why in retrospect he seemed more invested in the hat when rewatching clips like his part in Osiris’ “The Storm.” A decade later Chad Fernandez has shifted to beanies for this 2011 part that features some genuinely out of hand stuff like the ollie up to crooked grind at the beloved bench-to-stair spot, a nosegrind on the rail recently wooed by Sean Malto in the Girl/Chocolate video and a high-speed one footer.

Ronnie Creager: The lord of positive vibrations was an equal opportunity endorser of headware in videos such as Es’ “Menikmati”, in which Ronnie Creager managed not to succumb to the pressure of conceptualizing a lengthy, autobiographical intro that may have featured costumes. Of all those mentioned on this brief list, the desert-dwelling Creager may today have the most legit claim to wearing a bucket-hat in the course of his current day to day, which could also involve golf and checking in on Easter Egg packages that may lie around the Southern California region unclaimed for fifteen years.

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19 Responses to “In Which A Recent Krew Video Inspires Us To Tally Up Some All-Time Lords Of The Bucket-Hat”

  1. JC Says:

    I believe mention must be made of Gino’s recent bucket hat-fueled ledge combo in the Pretty Sweet extras and Nike SB team edition ad. Gino’s style path should always be noted as one worth a nod.

  2. Plat Says:

    Mike Carroll wore one during numerous clips in “Yeah Right” and if anyone from Minneapolis sees this, remember that in the early aughts, Johnny Vang got lots of mileage out of his bucket, usually paired with a Kevin Garnett Champion kids sized jersey.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You know, if that ‘Nandez part would’ve come out without him having the reputation of being, well, ‘Nandez,it probably would have made some waves. He’s skating fast and doing some burly shit that seems at the very least a conscious effort to try something different.

    • Random Matt Says:

      It got some respect for a week or so when it first came out, then the video of him and Billy Rohan “fighting” happened.

  4. mdspb Says:

    “spawn” Dollin rocked many a bucket if I recall.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    dill might think it worth revisiting

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Al Pacino as Serpico rocked it the best

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Clyde Singleton and Chad Bartie were running these hats pretty hard back in the day.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Your failure to mention Daniel Haney offends me.

  9. toodles Says:

    Perhaps you’ve missed the memo, but according to HUF and Supreme’s latest offerings the bucket cap is BACK BACK BACK in a big way.

  10. Bongo Banyan Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a fucking hat. Shut up and skate.

  12. Pussy nuts Says:

    Quim cardona killed many spots sporting the bucket. Mad steez.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Pontus Alv – Arcade Gumbo

  14. ratchet clippers Says:

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  15. Summertime Mixtape Vol. 9 — Jimmy Lannon, ‘Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 3’ | boil the ocean Says:

    […] nollie flips and floral prints, you may be due an assortment of flow-program Lakais. Achieving true bucket-hat lord status, such that Jimmy Lannon enjoys, requires something more — switch backside 360ing on a bank, […]

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