Pyrex Wrist Vol. 2


It is either fate or some higher-level commentary on the state of the culture that a supernatural-themed company that was itself brought back from the dead has been going around re-animating tricks and concepts forgotten to the annals of time, but here we are. Creature rider and reputed EDM aficionado Ryan Reyes gained gnar levels last year for innovating what is now known as a “railie,” including tickling the muse of Guy Mariano, whose career enjoyed its own second coming. Elsewhere Creature breathed blasphemous new life into that “Storm” era Smolik accessory, the Osiris G-Bag, reimagined as a giant beer koozie.

Now, after rumors of so-called “coping dancing” have percolated among musty corners of the internet for several years, Creature’s re-animator in chief Darren Navarrette in this month’s new “CSFU” project whips the white sheet off a potentially new creation, a combo handplant. As a strict adherent to the straight-and-narrow, meaning generally sidewalks and schoolyards, I’m hard-pressed to brandish the NBD acronym in the transition neighborhood, but the last vert wristwork I recall on this level was perhaps Tony Hawk’s double board spin in “The End.” Does anybody know what Navarrette’s trick is called, and if it already existed before this?

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6 Responses to “Pyrex Wrist Vol. 2”

  1. Bongo Banyan Says:

    Haven’t seen Nav’s trick yet, but there is Blender’s Woolly Mammoth, which I believe is a fakie handplant to noseblunt grabbed frontside.

  2. Corpo Shit Show Says:

    Or more importantly Willis Kimbel’s NBD invert?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If you’re referring to the full cab to handplant, then it’s a mix of the Elguerial and an Andrecht. The Elguerial was invented by Eddie Elguera. That was a full cab handplant, grabbing mute. The Andrecht comes in because that invert is done grabbing backside. If you want to see an Elguerial you can watch Jeff Grosso’s Loveletter to going fakie;
    But Navs did combo inverts in the Hesh Law Creature video, when he combined a kickflip backside grab and the Andrecht.

  4. will Says:

    when i think of combos i think of linking two tricks into the same maneuver on a single obstacle, for example doing a backlip into a backtail on a ledge. navs trick to me in more like a new mutant trick of its own. but wouldn’t a true invert combo involve switching it up part way through? like starting out as an andrecht but then hopping (on your hands, no less) and switching to grab and coming back into the ramp as an eggplant? you would need some serious arms for that, does popeye skate?

  5. Darren Navarrette Says:

    It’s called a El Drechteo… Tooken from the four fathers 70s pro Dave Andrecht’s name sake manuver the Andrecht and Eddie Elgatos name sake manuver the Elgero and combining the two maneuvers some 30 years later to form the El Drechteo

  6. sexo com cachorros Says:

    Era correto eu gostar de ler isso?

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