This Weekend Boil The Ocean Blog Offers A Qualitative Analysis Of Furby’s Deathwish Video Part


“As I look up at the sky, my mind starts tripping, a tear drops my eye.”


“Pumping on my chest and I’m screaming, I stop breathing, damn I see demons.”


“I think it’s too late for praying, hold up.”


“A voice spoke to me and it slowly started saying, ‘Bring your lifestyle to me, I’ll make it better.'”


“So relax your soul, let me take control. Close your eyes my son.”


“I’m fresh up out my coma.”


“I get fronted some keys to get back on my feet.”


“I bought my Momma a Benz, and bought my boo boo a Jag, and now I’m rolling in a nine trizzay El Dorad.”


“Cuz when you start set tripping, that ass is mine.”


“Shackled from head to toe, twenty-five with an izzel, with nowhere to gizzo.”


“Red jumpsuit with two braids in my hair.”


“Cuz you can’t tell what’s next. My little homey baby boo took a pencil in his neck, and he probably won’t make it to see twenty-two. I put that on my Momma.”

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4 Responses to “This Weekend Boil The Ocean Blog Offers A Qualitative Analysis Of Furby’s Deathwish Video Part”

  1. djtwit Says:

    I had to look qualitative up in the dictionary. Still confused…

  2. Jeffrey Kolominsky Says:

    I can’t see what’s wrong with the last two screenshots. Maybe his arm does stick out a bit, but that’s like a 14 or 15 stair, no? I’d let that slide. I think anyone is allowed to pop a half-assed ollie after a nollie heel into the deep end transition of a pool. That nollie flip was probably the weirdest looking trick, it seemed like he was sort of bunny hopping.

  3. DamnDanMAn Says:

    Yeah I gotta admit this one is a little over my head. Is it a commentary on his wack gear, his boring trick selection, his crappy fake steez? All of the above?

  4. sloop john b Says:

    I would say it’s definitely all of the above.

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