Any Major Dude With Half A Heart Surely Will Tell You My Friend


On the last tour we went to a school at night but the fence was way too high to get the lights and generator over it. Even after we explained this to Nick he jumped the fence and went in and skated for an hour by himself while we all waited in the van. when he came back we asked him, “Why were you in there so long? We can just come back tomorrow during the day,” to which he replied, “Why? How is it going to be any easier to get the generator over the fence in the day?” I tried to explain to him why we wouldn’t need the generator when the sun was out, but he looked at me like I was speaking Chinese.
-Slap messageboard member and Foundation TM Mike Sinclair on the exploits of independent contractor Nick Merlino, from the current Tum Yeto-flavored Thrasher.

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One Response to “Any Major Dude With Half A Heart Surely Will Tell You My Friend”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This guy is fucked after he’s done being pro. What does it say about you when the Baker dudes — a group consisting of alcoholics and/or drugs abusers — won’t put you on the team ‘cuz they think you need to get your shit together.

    I like Sinclair based on what interviews I’ve seen/read, that Crailtap vid at the tradeshow was hilarious, and I think he will relish the day he is actually able to kick Merlino off Foundation.

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