Spawn All Your Eggs


As creative and warped a mind as Jason Dill’s you have to think could have come up with a far better name for a board company than ‘Fucking Awesome,’ after him an Van Engelen up and quit AWS last spring. Jason Dill seems like an honest loose cannon when he gets his motor running in interviews, and even if he contradicts himself later on down the line, there’s staying power in the entertainment value. Point being that he could do a PJ Ladd-type Silent Bob for his next two-year phase and still command unique pageviews if he can keep churning out photos like this one, big wheels on diamond-patterned link.

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10 Responses to “Spawn All Your Eggs”

  1. Rich Says:

    I’d like to note too that this looks fairly recent and he’s rocking the AWSxVans Chukkas despite not being on AWS for a while now.

  2. jerome ivan Says:

    cant wait to see what they come out with

  3. Mxy Says:

    I still can’t believe they’re not doing something with BA. There’s some old interview where they talk about wanting him in the Sect, or doing a team together. Figured it was in the stars. Oh well.

    And yes. ‘Fucking Awesome’ is quite the opposite, but it’s better than ‘Send Help’, ‘Selfish’ or ‘3D’

    • art hellman Says:

      it’ll be interesting to see who of these micro-brew companies is still standing in a couple of years. it’ll be even more interesting to see whether its the consuming public or the skaters running them who burn out on said company first

  4. will Says:

    the stay puft marshmallow tag made me immediately think of his pro shoe on dvs, it looked like a quilted puffy down coat for your feet.

  5. Duol Says:

    Is the title of this post a q-tip/beastie boys/up river reference or am I stretching?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I like how everyone’s freaking out on a fence ride. If Dill wasn’t so up river himself he’d know the only thing awesome about it is the photographer got an amazing angle. People have been fence riding for years now Dill. You’re loosing your “I’m weird and creative edge”……..maybe you should get back on the drugs.

    • Berto Says:

      a) its frontside
      b) his style is what sets it apart…those arms, legs, ASS are dill positions and no one else. skating has always been about how it’s done, why do heads forget this
      c) chukka boots

      • Anonymous Says:

        It’s so hard folks to get the concept of the sum of the parts.
        Plenty of people can and do out shine our heros of yore, but most of us don’t care.
        Dill,Gino etc.
        A glimpse is much more exciting than the full monty.

  7. justin Says:

    I thought it was Beastie Boys’ reference, too.

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