Stardate 91361.54: When Shit Got Real In Foz Do Iguacu And Several Other International Locales


In a true parable of our times, ESPN and the X-Games determined earlier today to slice four international stops from the great vert ramp routine that is the expanded X-Games contest season. After nobly floating ramps in overseas locales to the ticklement of foreign-born action sportsters, the X-Games chickens shall come home to roost in the U.S., just as the world’s largest economy writhes in the throes of a national budgetary impasse and considers chicken-counting of a different sort altogether.

“[T]he overall economics of these events do not provide a sustainable future path,” ESPN said in a statement.

X-Games’ 18-month sojourn abroad, cut short by those unyielding mistresses Dollar and Cents, is a cautionary tale that saw certain ESPN officials subtly ringing alarm bells months ago. Internet website Dead last April disclosed an ESPN memo regarding the Brazilian event that characterized the international push’s path to financial success as “extremely” difficult, employing language designed to resonate with network rank-and-file who brought the world the first ever YOLO flip on a snowboard, Gymkhana GRID and a previous 50-Cent concert.

As per the DeadSpin-obtained memo:
Hourly folks – don’t push the OT. If it’s 9:10, take the 9:00 out – don’t push for 9:30. Heck, maybe you’d like to actually contribute an hour or two of your OT to the cause and take a 7:00 out. Trust me – no one’s going to the bank on this one. If this idea appeals to anyone, we can start an honorary wall of contributors in the office.

Were the international X-Games pressured by the freewheeling ways of folks unable to look beyond the next hour of OT? Will a failure to raise the U.S. debt ceiling and subsequent dents to the American sovereign credit rating further challenge the remaining domestic X-Games? Would Bastien Salabanzi have “shut it down” at the French stop and potentially replicated the YOLO flip for a skateboard audience?

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2 Responses to “Stardate 91361.54: When Shit Got Real In Foz Do Iguacu And Several Other International Locales”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What you’ve got to understand about deadspin, is that they have a huge editorial bent for exposing anything and everything that will show ESPN in a negative light. Go to their site, and in the top left you’ll find a link that says, “ESPN.” That will lead to a huge list of ESPN-related articles; most if not all are negative.

    So while that memo was tangentially related to skateboarding, deadspin’s post was more about exposing the hypocrisy of a billion-dollar-generating company trying to cut costs by telling non-salaried employees to use their per diems to “buy the water, the aspirin, the sunscreen, the lip balm, the snacks, etc etc that you need,” even though the things listed were provided for free at the event sites. And the real kicker is that they wanted employees to volunteer to work for free, rather than get paid overtime wages.

    I’m not defending ESPN. I actually like that deadspin does expose their hypocrisy. So when the X Games go away, skateboarding will be fine. When I catch a vert contest, half the guys are people I’ve never heard of, and who will never have a pro model grace your local shop’s wall.

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