Not For Nothing But This Nick Tucker Sequence Is Among The More Fucked Up In Recent Memory


If you were to glance at any of the above frames on its own, possibly in a moment of quiet repose, what trick might you guess Nick Tucker is whipping down those well-trod Hollywood steps on behalf of Supra shoes — fakie 360 flip? Half-cab kickflip? Tweaked switch backside heelflip? Backside 360, or something far more ominous? If you guessed “switch inward heelflip” you may legally change your name to Pat Canale. While John Igei continues to hold the title for the best switch inward heelflip ever performed, over the Pier 7 block just a bit up the road in SF, a persuasive case maybe could be built for Nick Tucker to hold a spot somewhere in the top 10 off the strength of this outlandish sequence alone.

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6 Responses to “Not For Nothing But This Nick Tucker Sequence Is Among The More Fucked Up In Recent Memory”

  1. Rhys Says:

    Then my name is Pat Canale.

  2. dummbert Says:

    One more Pat Canale.
    Kid’s corny, but damn his inward heelflip game comes strong, no matter the stance.

    • Rza Says:

      Switch inward heel game still does not make up for the nose grind front foot flip sequence from the Slings and Hammers tour article Thrasher Oct. Eleventh frame is a doozy.

    • Mike Says:

      Corny is a good description. Wade Desarmo switch inward heeled a table, for second place.

      • dummbert Says:

        Second after John Igei? Since Wade has a good taste in trick selection and ridiculous execution, he easily outshines Nick Tucker in everything

  3. Says:

    There are a few true pregnancy hazards of which you should be aware. “We don’t want you coming too soon now do we, finish getting dressed slave.

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