9. Donovon Piscopo – ‘SB Chronicles Vol. 2’


Jason Hernandez is one of those rare filmers whose steady hand has the power to make good skating look better, versus the other way around like a lot of dudes, and Donovon Piscopo’s greasefired debut via the Nike vid is a good example, keeping the Dill/AVE progeny careening safely in-frame as he tornadoes over a handrail, hurls himself around a curvy bar, carves curbs and generally chews scenery all over the place. I didn’t have much of a position on Donovon Piscopo’s slicked hair and general T&C Surf Designs approach prior to his proper arrival here, but the way he glides that shove-it along the ditch and his feet clamp the board onto the garage door on that wallride sold me, with a TNT-approved property/casualty ender thrown in.

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3 Responses to “9. Donovon Piscopo – ‘SB Chronicles Vol. 2’”

  1. art hellman Says:


  2. jorge Says:

    Part of the year for a guy I pretty much had never heard of before. I thought anyway. And c’mon, the front blunt impossible was kind of sick.

  3. Mike Says:

    !!! (T&C Surf Designs, like, I don’t even get it but cool.).

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