6. Tom Knox – ‘Eleventh Hour’

Blueprint’s legacy looms large, so it is a mark in favor of presumptive torch picker-uppers Isle that Tom Knox’s engrossing section in Jacob Harris’ ‘Eleventh Hour’ could have been plucked from anywhere in between Danny Brady and Nick Jensen in ‘Lost and Found.’ No cobblestone seems too rough or bank too bumpy for Tom Knox, switch heelflipping into long steps and lazily nudging a shove-it out of a tall backside tailslide here, pushing envelopes with a backside bigspin fakie manual and the jump out to backside lipslide and the cascading last line. The spots obviously look awesome and the more off-the-wall tricks sprinkled here and there, like the switch backside 50-50 frontside 180 out, set the skating here apart from your urban tourist Street Leaguer types.

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2 Responses to “6. Tom Knox – ‘Eleventh Hour’”

  1. Jorge Says:

    Would have no complaints with this part being in the top 3-with Clint Walker and Ishod.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thank you mr pilot, that was amazing. I think this list should be called top 10 parts nobody’s ever heard of (with exception of #10) so clint and ishod probably won’t make the cut. can’t wait for the rest.

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