I Am the Street Dream!

gino_jason dill

In classically rambling and semi-coherent fashion Jason Dill seems to have confirmed the messageboard-melting news that Gino Iannucci, that much-beloved train station tour guide, 360 shove-it bringer-backer and Chocolate graybeard, dipped from his tourmates of nearly two decades in favour of the ankle- and belt-bearing set at Fucking Awesome, sending several seismic waves across sectors of the internet that continue to draw valuable kilowatts from loose-fit denim, Youtube renderings of VHS video and also RZA productions. To interested observers, the transaction resembled Tumblr acquiring AOL, or perhaps Bronze Hardwares absorbing Prodigy*.

Among moneyed old-guard deck men, dark talk is afoot of Jason Dill’s potential next power move, after scooping Dylan Rieder from the smearily dissolving chambers of AWS and seeming to have taken in a number of additional former teammates with an eye toward soon launching his own Chocolate-esque sister company that may or may not be named for that violent and longtime side hustle of Gino Iannucci and graphical subject for one of his first Chocolate boards, ice hockey. Speculation has mounted, as it is wont to do, around just how much of a kick in the pants this may be for the Crailtap camp and/or a late-career left turn for Gino Iannucci, who recently booked his most productive 14 months ever but nonetheless still is hard to imagine as more than a spirit-guide, sipping Starbucks and grinning and shaking his head from a nearby bench as Dill and AVE’s floral-printed progeny publicly urinate and shoot their mouths off at the spot.

Beyond a collegial relationship at 101 two decades ago** this may not all be so weird, however, when one considers Gino Iannucci through the prism of the Guns’N’Roses music, the birdie tattoo, and various engagements involving bleached hair and vests. You can imagine a trick sprinkled here and there into Bill Strobek Vimeo uploads, which may be a positive thing for a dude whose past video entries occasionally have exhibited signs of too much baking soda in the pot, and an endorsement of GZA’s “weak rhymes/mad long” advice to youngsters.

Whereas acquiring Dylan Rieder went some ways towards reconstituting the Dill/AVE axis as it had arisen in Dayton, signing Gino Iannucci may alter Fucking Awesome’s outwards profile and raise thorny queries. Can Fucking Awesome credibly still claim underdog status, or is this an organic progression of the current wave of small companies flexing their developing fiscal muscles to acquire name-brand pros from established rivals? To what extent is this an endorsement of Jason Dill’s fractured and frizzy vision versus a no-confidence vote in the anti-heroic stylings of Crailtap in recent years? Or is it strictly a dollar thing? Perhaps most crucially does this move set the famous 1990s Doomsday Clock closer to or further away from midnight?

*The rapper and or the web portal
**Which continued to persist into 2012, as pictured above.

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6 Responses to “I Am the Street Dream!”

  1. ova hova Says:

    Prodigy shops at Opening Ceremony

  2. chew Says:

    So wild. In some ways it makes a lot of sense, yet in others it is completely dumb founding. So glad it’s not going to be under the “Fucking Awesome” name (not that “Hockey” is great either…). All that being said, do the youngins care (or even know?) who Gino is?

  3. Mike Says:

    1990’s Doomsday Clock clicked back one minute. It is now five minutes until midnight.

  4. John Says:

    I’m backing the doomsday clock moved back a minute or so

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Kids don’t give a damn about Gino. I’ve been skating since 1990, and I don’t give a damn about Gino. The dude has the Scott Johnston syndrome, in that he can’t come up with more than 2 minutes worth of footage at a time. The most productive 14 months(really?) is a link to a handful of tricks. I know it’s not what you do, but how you do it, but he isn’t doing much.

    I don’t think Chocolate is going to lose any sleep about no longer having to cut him a check for (essentially) doing nothing.

  6. Jules Says:

    I think “Hockey” was born from a refusal by Zumiez or whatever to carry any brand toting the “F” bomb in it’s name. I can hear in my head Dill’s post Zumiez denial phone call rant to himself, “Those motherfuckers just want some white bread suburban clean cut hockey bullshit or whatev- hey… that’s a good idea”

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