5. Jordan Sanchez – ‘Some Things’

Year by year it seems steadily more difficult to figure out ways to push out the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard, particularly after x-ing out the incremental stair count addition as innovation. Jordan Sanchez blew minds last summer and since by seeming to tap some sort of collective glaze-eyed consciousness gurgling away when so-called spots like the corner railings or taut steel cables or invitingly low loading dock bannisters are passed by amid the drudgery of daily life, and proceeds to crooked grind rather than boardslide, stall rather than tap, no-comply onto the handrail rather than kickflip. Lots of flip tricks have been tossed down lots of gaps in the past couple decades but not so many people have elevated the Natas hydrant spin, or thought to try.

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One Response to “5. Jordan Sanchez – ‘Some Things’”

  1. will Says:

    the thing with wacky/creative/goofball skaters is they all seem to have some degree of an image gimmick. richie jackson is the psychedelic pirate, haslam is some sort of bigfoot-nerd, simon woodstock had his bowling ball board and clown suits, louie has a cardigan and a case of the giggles. Even jordan’s Welcome teammates land on some side of an odd spectrum ranging from crust-punk to norm-core. But Jordan Sanchez is different. after watching him for years he seems to me to be just an intelligent, normal dude. a guy with immense talent and evolving palette for skating sure, but a just good guy with a wife and business (The Garage in Everett, WA) who likes to pass the time drinking 40s and throwing rocks at trains with his old pals, maybe skate some mossy curb, before getting tp and milk for the house. what makes him so cool from the other “weird” skaters is not only his immense bag of non-skatespots and unorthodox moves, but he’s just like you and me, no gimmick. Its great to see it finally paying off for him.

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