Marble Floors, Gold Turlets and Chandeliers

Belatedly, another ten good ones from last year:

Nik Stain – ‘Bruns Skate Jawn’
The half-cab flips could’ve come straight out of an early Prime video, in a good way.

Aaron Herrington – ‘Static 4’
Skating to song, probably the best possible pace-setter for the two Static videos to come.

Brandon Westgate – ‘Zoo England’
He doesn’t slow down

Eli Reed – Japan part
Eli Reed goes Magenta in Tokyo with some scarfs and socks. See if you can find the ‘Street Cinema’ spot.

Matt Miller – DC shoe part
Rob Welsh’s onetime water boy released one of the gnarlier parts all year, and got a shoe for his trouble, potentially eliminating the descriptor ‘unheralded’ from his career. Switch 360 flip noseblunt, switch backside 360 noseblunt, etc.

Youness Amrani – ‘Almost a Part’
Some late-period 411VM vibes from this one, in a good way. Downhill manual revert and late 180 on the heelflip varial are bananas.

Chewy Cannon – ‘Transmission’
Dead or alive, there are few better to watch skate

Matt Bennett – ‘True Blue’
It’s cool to see how far this dude has been able to take his sack of mainly unconventional tricks – the pop out of the handrail fakie backside tailslide (to regular) is of note.

Carlos Iqui – ‘Iqui Does It’
Stevie William’s ‘Reason’ opener-attempter, but on a hubba.

Jamal Williams – ‘Static 5’
Among the best put-together video parts this year, and possibly for all of history

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7 Responses to “Marble Floors, Gold Turlets and Chandeliers”

  1. Chew Says:

    So glad to see praises for Jamal. Dude is unstoppable right now. I assume he is pushing 40 yet he dropped a full part in Orchard’s Stone Soup as well as Static. So sick. The break dancing parallels in his Static part make it all the better.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fuk, that Eli Reed section was dope.


  3. flaneur boy Says:

    I thought that line was Gold Turtles and was a Huysmans reference until your spelling helped me realize his southern drawl

  4. sb Says:

    Isn’t the iqui part from 2013? Good selection but I’d of added at least one of the lurkville sections and/or bobbysd dekeyzars DC part.

  5. Alan Shearer Says:

    No love for Sinner in Theatrix?!! 😦

  6. Bardamu Says:

    always have time for chewy

  7. سعر جرام الذهب Says:

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