Summertime Mixtape Vol. 3 – Jeron Wilson ‘Skate More’

‘Skate More’ was DVS shoes’ Terry Gilliam-infused answer to the blockbuster shoe video parade of the early aughts, and while Mikey Taylor and Jereme Rogers supplied handrailing hammers and Jason Dill pushed gritty gravitas in knee socks, it was Daewon Song’s circus of tech and the 1990s-aged swagger from Chico Brenes and Jeron Wilson that spiritually grounded the project. Jeron Wilson’s heelflips, nollied over a fire hydrant or straight-up over gaps, detonate like bombs and a range of other tricks get soundly handled (switch frontside 360 over the bench, switch 180 up onto the big block in Australia) en route to a plenty dazzling ender for the time (or this one). Song and Girl-heavies friend section seals the deal.

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4 Responses to “Summertime Mixtape Vol. 3 – Jeron Wilson ‘Skate More’”

  1. Chew Says:

    Was just talking about this video the other day. So great. Huf!

  2. mdspb Says:

    That one toe drag though…

  3. Kevin Says:


  4. art hellman Says:

    ^ these two comments though

    remember being very pleasantly surprised by Jeron and Chico in this one.

    best song/part combo goes to Buz and Zered

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