Summertime Mixtape Vol. 3 – Ryan Gallant ‘First Love’

Decades in the future when municipalities join heated combats for economic scavengings, the low-bid winner for the shove-it hall of fame may dedicate TIF funds toward a bronzed likeness of Ryan Gallant, whose ‘Fulfill the Dream’ music-supervised video part from a too-often overlooked entry in the TWS cinema pantheon functions as a clinic on rotating the board into a stupefying range of blocks, rails, hubbas and other what-have-yous. Ryan Gallant has flip tricks like the 90s and the knowhow to execute in squeaky-clean terms shit like the pop-shove it frontside k-grind and the hardflip late 180, and enough youthful spring to shoot from way downtown and look like he bounces into the full cab almost by accident going down the hallway. It’s wild how in 2005, before TWS abandoned and then inevitably re-embraced the voiceover intro, Ryan Gallant spoke of appearing long-in-the-tooth for the boarding life — a decade later there’s still gas in the tank.

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3 Responses to “Summertime Mixtape Vol. 3 – Ryan Gallant ‘First Love’”

  1. Chew Says:

    I’m from New England so Gallant always gets his dues amongst myself and my peers, but I feel like on the whole, he’s kind of underrated? Maybe I’m crazy, but I just feeling like he’s an upper-echelon skater who somehow just doesn’t get the respect and praise he deserves?

  2. Kevin Says:

    @Chew I think being on Plan B at the peak of his career probably hurt him. Plan B never released a full video until very recently, which I think hurt the visibility and reputation of most of their riders. The only riders to maintain superstar status either released solo internet parts (P. Rod, Pudwill), or coasted in a Penny-like fashion on their, shall I say, “mysterious legend” status of yesteryear (PJ).

    Just my opinion.

  3. Mike Says:

    Muddling through work trying to get a handle on the very TIF mentioned above, waiting for the phone to ring. Gallant’s great but he doesn’t give the kids anything to glom onto beyond the ripping, which, strangely, isn’t enough.

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