3. Tiago Lemos – ‘Press Play’

Tiago Lemos is Brazilian and switch ollied over the back of a handrail into a switch backside smith grind. Tiago Lemos wears baggy khaki shorts and fakie hardflipped out of a switch frontside crooked grind on a thigh-high picnic table. Tiago Lemos still skates for the small board company that put him on after he got to the US and he nollie inward heelflipped into a backside lipslide down a handrail. Tiago Lemos switch backside tailslide switch flipped out into another switch backside tailslide that he slid the length of a two-year-old alligator. Tiago Lemos did a switch bigspin to switch backside tailslide on the J-Kwon gap to ledge and only turned pro in April. Tiago Lemos knows the names of the forgotten gods and does gully tricks like a switch backside 5-0 180 out on ledges tall enough to choke a giraffe.

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One Response to “3. Tiago Lemos – ‘Press Play’”

  1. @dear_ivanka Says:

    Because everything that you said above …
    Not sure why dude was not a more serious contender for SOTY.
    Not sure why he didn’t win the Berrics ‘Run & Gun’.
    Not sure why he isn’t higher on this BTO year-end list.
    Does Trump now control all facets of the skate media in addition to the entire free world? WTF?

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