10. Dane Barker – ‘Welcome to Converse CONS’

Among the many and varied appeals of Quasi’s newly signed crust-grating contraption Dane Barker is the rough alchemy mingling his spindly and focused poise with the brutal lacerations he womps upon various spots, in the case of this Cons vid certain So Cal cuts, elsewhere Virginia’s wilds and an awfully good heater in downtown Chicago. The ollie up and then out to binride in this vid and the staircase noseblunt slide are exacto-precise, the bannister transfer and years-in-the-waiting bar hop to pipe smacker at the New Spot are twofisted machete swipes; his ride-on 50-50 to legitimately popped ollie out maybe the most vertigo-inducing clip since Clint Walker’s stories-up bailed nollie heelflip.

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One Response to “10. Dane Barker – ‘Welcome to Converse CONS’”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    Even when stakes are this high “ride on grinds” continue to underwhelm and qualify as a novelty trick at best. Sheckler finally convinced me that a drop-in trick could be thrilling to watch. Milton just did the same with a trick into a bank.

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