Summertime Mixtape Vol. 10 – Spencer Fujimoto, ‘Peep This’

There is a looseness to this part that kicked off Zoo York’s 1999 comp vid that now looks like some product of a less-calculated age, when people would do their thing in the sessions over the course of the season and when the filmer put it together you’d maybe wind up with a tight couple minutes, multiples of the same trick and a ratio of orange t-shirts to overall footage that’s probably yet to be surpassed. Both Spencer Fujimoto’s nollie backside flip off the Keenan Milton bump and the one over the Brooklyn Banks wall are gems, and rather than making it the ender, the section starts off with the heaviest clip, the frontside shove-it into the courthouse bank. It clicked though in a vid that was more about the mix of heads, the lines and the crowded streets, versus the still-nascent arms race for enders.

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