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  1. -kw Says:

    Well thought out, well written.
    High five.

  2. marty Says:


    i was there once, and kalis was doing those every try.



  3. NEil Says:

    So, your all about Kalis’ monstrous karate kick 360 flips? Ok, I can get down with that…

  4. brandon@seshn Says:

    yo sick blog. hit me up… i have a proposal

  5. ng Says:

    sick site – stop by and check out broken magazine some time

  6. rodent Says:

    glad u like the bobby w pic.

  7. goldchain Says:

    thank you for a nice read almost daily.

  8. Brink Says:

    Dear Mr. Ocean,

    NIce O’Connor pic…

    Hit me up if you have a minute…

  9. Marny Says:

    Sorry for leaving you this message here, but I was unable to find an email address for your editor.
    I wanted to tell you we’ve been featuring your content on ActionSportsBlips.com. It’s actually become one of our highest viewed sections. You can see for yourself here: http://actionsportsblips.dailyradar.com/blog/boil_the_ocean/
    Please email me if you have any questions.


  10. HvK Says:

    Dear Mr, Ocean-Pilot,

    we’d like to interview a mid-90s obsessed, college’d skate video nerd for our magazine but can’t find a contact address. Mind to answer me?


  11. Alexander Fridman Says:

    I am interested in contacting you via e-mail.

    Please contact me at: alexander.prg@gmail.com


  12. diana Says:

    I would like to contact you via email. Please contact me at: dianamanfredi@hotmail.com

    thank you!

  13. Armin Says:

    Thank you for the classic content for countless cig and coffee breaks.
    Some of the best written, non sappy nor overly hateful skate criticism going.

    I don’t know how else to get at you, but I have some stuff I’d like to send you, hit me up.

  14. jeff Says:

    Thanks for gracing this sometimes wasteland we call the internet with your witty musings on skateboarding. I look forward to each post. Keep it up!

  15. Must Be Says:

    ocean howell? How’s Berkley treating ya? You finish up your dissertation yet?

  16. Such Luck Says:

    PJ Ladd Wonderful Horrible Part and Bro Gumpwright in Orchard comparison and contrast.

  17. Jack Boyd Says:


    Please contact me at newsplat@gmail for a super good deal on pills for a rock hard boner that’ll last for hours.

  18. ben Says:

    Where have you been lately? I miss you…

  19. pete koff Says:

    Hi, I would like to send you my new film( Supercharged,the life and times of Tim Brauch) for review on Boil the Ocean. Im a fan of your site for sure. All around interesting mix of writing and skating.
    Can I have a mailing address for you?
    thanks -pete koff

  20. Skateboarding Videos Says:

    I have a site which is all about skating videos and plus I am hosting an online contest which ends December 15th so check it out, winner gets clothing sponsor!

  21. TVD Says:

    new Bill Strobeck interview on http://www.thesevideodays.com

  22. mark Says:

    good blog. you take ads? e-mail me.

  23. Dorian Warneck Says:

    I’m not sure who it is that runs this blog and writes the posts, but I wanted to commend you on what you do. I don’t want to come off sounding one-sided or narrow minded, but this is one of the few skate-related blogs I visit where the opinions of the writer (whoever you are) and the opinions of myself line up almost perfectly. I always find it interesting to hear what you have to say, and the fact that the posts are always well written is an added bonus.

    keep doin’ what you doin’ homie!

  24. Ray Says:

    Hey man,
    I’m like any of the other lost souls posting a comment on this about page. Please hit me with an email when you can, or comment back with your contact info and I’ll email you.
    Thanks man

  25. nathan@crowdstarter.com Says:

    Hey there,

    We’re promoting the digital release of the SXSW award-winning skateboard documentary, Dragonslayer.

    Dragonslayer is the portrait of southern California skateboarding legend Josh “Skreech” Sandoval set to a soundtrack from indie-rock labels Mexican Summer and Kemado Records — including Dungen, Thee Oh Sees, Jacuzzi Boys, and many more. A master of skating abandoned pools, broken-down skate parks, and random pick-up competitions, Skreech is a guy who lives outside the bounds of mainstream suburban life with a gang of outcasts that are his makeshift family. In addition to the kick-ass soundtrack, the film features beautifully-shot skateboarding footage of Skreech and other skating icons.

    We’d love for you to watch Dragonslayer and help spread the word.

    It had a small theatrical run, but many skaters didn’t get a chance to see it. With its recent release on iTunes and its upcoming release on VOD and other digital outlets, it will soon be available to all. And we need to make this fact known! If you’re willing to help promote it, we can certainly provide footage for your site (potentially even the first few minutes of the film) as well as giveaways, podcasts with cast and crew members, and anything else you think would appeal to your readers.

    Please let us know if you’d like a free link to the movie. You can learn more about it here: http://www.dragonslayermovie.com

    Thanks so much.


    Nathan Silver

  26. jenkem Says:

    Sir Ocean,
    Trying to get in touch with you.. hit us up when you have a chance!

  27. OaklandPete Says:

    I just wanted to email you a link to the greatest bit of skateboard promotional writing I’ve ever encountered:

  28. allen ying Says:

    looking to contact you

  29. 43 magazine Says:

    looking to contact you, if this thing would let me put in my info

  30. shane carleton Says:

    A Representive of 2012’s Finesse Brand, Joey Castillo’s part from their new’est video in titled ( EYES ON THE PRIZE ) film’d an edit’d by shane carleton © 2012 shane carleton.


  31. toro Says:

    trying off your style, thanks for providing a template.

  32. toro Says:

    trying to rip off your style

  33. Anonymous Says:


  34. Lance Says:

    C.R.S.III meets Mofo meets P.Hill801 meets Nieratko- good job on the site.

  35. Anonymous Says:

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  36. Anonymous Says:

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  37. Anonymous Says:

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  38. Jeff Tully Says:

    Hi, seeking editor contact info. Thanks!

  39. Street Ships (@StreetShips) Says:

    Your site rips. Carry on, s’il vous plait

  40. John Says:

    Hey, this is John from Ruin Skateshop in Atlanta, and we just wanted to send you a copy of our new video, because we like what you do. Thanks dude!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    occupy your mom’s basement.

  42. Kaylee Shepherd Says:

    Hi, we’re in production on a documentary on Chris Cole and had a question for you. Could you please email me your email address at themotivationmovie(at)gmail(dotcom)

  43. Phillip Says:

    Hey nice site and content man!
    Could you let me know where you found your cover photo or who the artist is? The image with the screaming lizards or dinosaurs?

    Thanks, Phil


  44. Chew Says:

    Yesssss. Top 5 favorite video part, for sure. The carve into the last trick…!

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  66. Miguelpossy Says:

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