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August 29, 2011

We move now into the last few weeks of summer when the heat’s baked into your bones and the midday sun sucks the pop from your legs, reorienting people’s timescale around dusk sessions or better yet, sitting on one’s board and complaining. An antidote to motivation is in Coda’s Slappy Hour vid, which I slept on until being hipped to it on some “good summer watch” angle a while back. It is, and the dusty late-August section goes to working bro Jerry Mraz and his beefy backside kickflips, yellowy wheels, sweaty white tees and a small town’s worth of gritty bank spots — the street spine thing looks like one of the funnest on record. There’s enough filmed at dusk here to pass for an outtake from Slave’s “Radio Television” without the ’70s filter. The push in the first line about says it all.