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7. Tyler Dietterich — ‘Content’

December 25, 2020

Less than a minute goes by in this Philly-area rising heavy’s section in the Andrew Meyer-made ‘Content’ and it is assuredly one of the best-sounding video parts this year — the classic VX crunch of the opening backside 5-0, the slicked up glide on the backside tails, the urethane zipper down the delivery truck ramp, the harsh handrail scrape, counteracting the ‘Mushroom Jazz’ soundtrack. Tyler Dietterich skates for Theories’ new Picture Show board grouping, sweats through the knees of his pants, has a varied hat game and a nollie heelflip to rival John Shanahan’s Pulaski one for 2020’s toughest. And he seems to like making things harder on himself, with the firecracker to stair hop after backside smith grinding a split-bar rail, and fusing multiple illegal tricks for the ender here.

Summertime Mixtape Vol. 8 – Justin Adeniran, ‘M1’

June 28, 2020

Justin Adeniran stands out among a long line of Pennsylvania-based nose manualers with magnesium-scraping powers to crank nollie frontside noseslide 270 shoves-it out and glide through Muni at leisure. The cap, the khakis, the switch heelflips and especially, especially the spots are a total package — a certain type of tragedy that Love Park no longer can provide a platform for his line building. Three years on, the nosegrind nollie flip in this section demands rewinds, and ultimate tribute. The video’s still available here.