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February 10, 2013

To match Reuters Life! FITNESS-LINEDANCING/

Time was, back in the early 1990s, when parking lots were paved with shredded nails and one video came out every 18 months and all videos were 8 minutes long, the sweet and shining nuggets were pretty easy to sift out from the mud and silt. Now, the 24-hour Hella-clips cycle and shrinking availability of footwear team slots has kept pro boarders and those who would be slow on their collective grinds, and tricks that once might have echoed through the years like a Jovontae Turner 360-flip or a Mike Maldonado brick-wall ollie now are lucky to rise above the din of uploads for more than a day or so. It is in this spirit that we link to this Anton Myhrvold video part linked up by SML Wheels, and in particular the wild abandon that characterizes the first trick in the line at 3:33, a short stroll down the block from the place where Josh Kalis offered a slightly different version a few years ago (was he the first one to spin that trick switch?). The whole section is heavy.