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7. Magnus Bordewick – ‘Corona Files’

December 25, 2021

Part travelogue, part skate vid and part slice of pandemic life, Magnus Bordewick at some point in the past year packed up his dog, his tripod and his collection of bucket hats and set out a-roaming across Norway’s lush wildernesses, interspersing his usual pyrotechnic flip tricks with parking ramp manual pallets and lonely miniramp sessions as the sun sets on the subarctic countryside. There’s snippets of ferry rides and ski trails and deserted plazas and fjordside campsites as he moves from place to place, and highlights including a coping fakie five-o back in switch, a nollie frontside noseslide pop over to regs, and assorted owl footage. Magnus Bordewick’s vid captures the weird isolation that sometimes blurred into a welcome solitude in a year of distancing, and it seems like a project that never could’ve happened any other time.

3. Andrew Allen – “Prevent This Tragedy”

December 29, 2010

A lot like Anthony Van Engelen did 10 years ago and Henry Sanchez did before that, Andrew Allen’s market strategy relies in part on bringing a hairball ramp-dog mentality to switch backside tailslides and frontside k-grinds — out the gate here he reverse suplexes a rail (backside) and careens into a big angry hill that eventually decides not to play nice. The big backside flip into the bank, switch backside 5-0 the creamy colored ledge and the switch b/s tail down that sorta wavy hubba emphasizes Andrew Allen’s smooth and sensitive side, and by the end he comes off a little better with the hills. “Prevent This Tragedy” was one of the better videos of the year, hopefully Thrasher keeps this ball rolling.