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Ocean Literally Boils; Fish Flee En Masse While Websites Bearing Silly Names Contemplate the Meta-ness of It All

March 19, 2009

“This song’s about being buried by thousands of tons of molten lava…”

Here at the “boil the ocean” web place we try and keep the focus on skateboard-related stuffs as much as we can, but I would be remiss not to post this terribly crazy photo and related video of an underwater volcano near the South Pacific island of Tonga blowing the fuck up and in the process literally boiling the ocean. As longsuffering readers of this space are all too aware I could wax on for hundreds of words about the humanity* of it all, but when it comes to this sort of humbling, awesome natural event, the observations are best left to scientific professionals:

“It’s a very significant eruption, on quite a large scale,” said Keleti Mafi, the head of Tonga’s geological service.

No doubt… but of little comfort to mere humans such as Tongan fishing guide Lothar Slabon, who depends on volcanoes not exploding all over the place as a key component of his livelihood.

Mr Slabon and six others took a boat to within 100m of the volcano that has been erupting for days near the coast of the Tongan capital, Nuku’alofa.

He spent two hours listening to dark rumblings “like drums” under the ocean and watching the hissing plumes of steam.

Mr Slabon said his excitement was mixed with sadness because a green and rocky island near which he loved to fish was being smothered in volcanic rock and ash.

But on the upside he got to see a giant, extended explosion. So, you know.

*marine mammality?