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Larry Perkins Died For Our Sins And All He Got Was A Limited Edition Nike Dunk Shoe That Will Bring A Handsome Price On Ebay

March 19, 2010

Let’s preface this one with what ought to be obvious to churchgoing men, housecats and waterproof amoebas across the land: Larry Perkins has earned his spot in history a hundred times over and we are as excited as anybody else for his recent comeback. His old Big Brother interview raised the bar in terms of its raw humanity and his phone call against DC Shoes ranks among humankind’s greatest achievements, alongside the Sphinx and smashing the wily atom. A recent revival has witnessed Larry Perkins semi-realistically shutting down the Chris Cole flatground machine and earning commemorative shoe designs from Nike. But. Hearing him break into giggles during the above Luis Tolentino call, detailing a rigorous ice-jumping training programme, it’s kind of like seeing a veteran pro do the slow-down push or touch his toe on a manual trick.

He’s been busy lately so probably this is all only part of the rust being shaken off. Kind of hoping for a Dyrdek call. These guys made an archive thing for speed-getting-up-to purposes.