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Pyrex Wrist Vol. 2

April 3, 2013


It is either fate or some higher-level commentary on the state of the culture that a supernatural-themed company that was itself brought back from the dead has been going around re-animating tricks and concepts forgotten to the annals of time, but here we are. Creature rider and reputed EDM aficionado Ryan Reyes gained gnar levels last year for innovating what is now known as a “railie,” including tickling the muse of Guy Mariano, whose career enjoyed its own second coming. Elsewhere Creature breathed blasphemous new life into that “Storm” era Smolik accessory, the Osiris G-Bag, reimagined as a giant beer koozie.

Now, after rumors of so-called “coping dancing” have percolated among musty corners of the internet for several years, Creature’s re-animator in chief Darren Navarrette in this month’s new “CSFU” project whips the white sheet off a potentially new creation, a combo handplant. As a strict adherent to the straight-and-narrow, meaning generally sidewalks and schoolyards, I’m hard-pressed to brandish the NBD acronym in the transition neighborhood, but the last vert wristwork I recall on this level was perhaps Tony Hawk’s double board spin in “The End.” Does anybody know what Navarrette’s trick is called, and if it already existed before this?

Diced Pineapples

August 14, 2012

Looking at the Skateboard Mag the other day, this little Donovan Piscopo interview, and got to fantasizing about tricks. As you do. Folks like Jake Johnson and Wes Kremer recently have been out there taking the wallride to strange new places — what if you were to take Donovan’s grind here, lose the bank underlying the ledge, and a dude just did a wallride into this trick*? Sort of like a pool coping scratcher maybe, but you’d think a body could put their mind to it and lock both 58’s atop the corner for a little bit anyway. Thinking it over a while I started to wonder if I’d actually seen somebody do a trick like this at some point, in a photo or video. Unfortunately due to severely limited capacity and general neglect, my brain is never going to have the cataloging capabilities of a Police Informer or a Chrome Ball or a Vert-Is-Dead. Instead I cast myself upon the mercy of yall. Can anybody recall somebody wallriding up into a ‘vert’ scratcher grind like this, without a bank to start from?

*with or without the grab

9. Alex Perelson – “Since Day One”

December 22, 2011

(Re-edited part, all I could find on the internet, starts around 2:05)

Colin McKay is either one of the most underrated skaters of the past howevermany years or among the most overrated, depending on whether you’re looking at technical transition trails blazed or some tricks-to-pro-model-product formula. But in his time he was (is?) a real wizard with lip tricks and new vert kid Alex Perelson conjures some of those same chills in his part in the Real video — which counts as some sort of honorable rebellion even in the current ATV era, just by being such a ramp-heavy section with the superlative topping out at “super” rather than “mega.” But there’s some magic in seeing a Real deck rotate over coping and Alex Perelson can sail a stalefish or turn out twisty lip contortions like a kickflip frontside noseslide or a half-cab 5-0 revert over a channel. Also does a backside tailslide shove-it in a pool, which is saying something. They don’t make a lot of video parts like this anymore.