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Oblivion Access

January 1, 2016

Some others

Gilbert Crockett – ‘Salt Life’
Hard-cut edit on the post-Workshop frontier from Gilbert Crockett’s perpetually spring-loaded feet

Jack Kirk – ‘Krew Killers’
Spyro gyro tailslide

Andrew Allen – ‘Boys of Summer’
Between this, ‘Propeller’ and the Vans offcuts, there is some type of unholy Skater of the Year bid

Kevin Bradley – ‘Chronicles 3’
Neck and neck with ‘Sickness’ in turn up terms, last 30 seconds particularly

Tyler Surrey – ‘Spanish VX’
Lines that go forever, and a case for nollie flip noseslides in 2016

Tom Asta – ‘1947’
Nollie heelflip backside noseblunt on a handrail

Jerry Hsu – ‘Boys of Summer’
The heartwarming results possible – feeble grind, smith grind – when beloved pros oblige requests to ‘just see you skate’

Nick Boserio – ‘No Cash Value’
2015’s reigning lord of hairball, where you wouldn’t be surprised if he loosened his trucks before the penultimate escalator plunge

Dylan Sourbeer – ‘Sabotage4 Promo’
Love park ledgelord with Wenning slump status

Tony Trujillo – ‘Propeller’
His best one since the Transworld vid

Donovan Piscopo – ‘Hockey promo’
The planter backside tailslide line

Josh Kalis – ‘Sabotage4’

Yaje Popson – ‘SK8RATS’
Back in living color, but for good?

Mark Suciu – ‘Civil Liberty’ sans voiceovers
Also including Dennis Busenitz at Pulaski, and ending with one of the most Mark Suciu tricks doable there

Hats off to Chrome Ball Incident for its exhaustive (yet apparently truncated) interview-by-mail with jailed switchstance barbarian, stunt cycler and street preacher Lennie Kirk, which nearly met 2015’s quotables quota on its own and expands upon all the old stories, nearly all of which seem to be true and then some:

“Many times with Jesus’ guidance, Him, I and my girl, Ez, took the bike to 177mph at night on the 101 freeway. All out throttle to the max. Alone, I topped the bike out at 184mph, wide open for more than 10 miles. Just me and God. It’s a surreal spiritual experience. God’s glory in it all. Other drivers seeing a bike fly by them at 184mph in the night! It’s deeply personal, eternal and unique. A oneness with God, my girl and my bike… flowing and free, not worried about cops.”


The print media struggle in 2015 means taking risks to stand out. Transworld, its revival already well underway, rolled further dice by essentially re-running The Skateboard Mag’s most-recent cover on page 56-57 of its Jan. 2016 issue.

Also flexing on print media this year was Quartersnacks, one of the few (if only) internet web pages with not only the nerve to make a book but the well of stories, hoarded text messagement, pic of folks skating castoff TVs and depth of collective character to pull it off in spades – buy it here.

The Year That Recently Was

December 31, 2009

2009 will live on as the year that Jereme Rogers’s rap career blasted off, Bob Burnquist revealed a stuntastic yet eco-friendly backyard lifestyle, Tony Trujillo signed onto 4-Star and Brewce Martin survived a freak tire explosion accident, all reasons to count the seconds until the sun engulfs planet Earth a little bit more slowly.

Ten other video parts
Lance Mountain – Extremely Sorry
Snowy – Horizons
Kyle Nicholson – Axion welcome clip
Alex Davis – Habitat welcome vid
Gilbert Crockett – Doin’ Thangs
Bob Burnquist – Extremely Sorry
Jimmy Carlin – Flippity Flop Pit Stop
Ben Skrzypek – God Save the Label
Matt Miller – State of Mind
James Craig – the Blind Video

Three great shared parts
Shane Oneill & Theotis Beasley – Debacle
Jon Choi & Jon Nguyen – Bonus Round
JB Gillet & Lucas Puig – Cle

Craziest cover

There was great fun to be had showing this magazine to people and watching them puzzle over what exactly was going on here, sort of like looking at a picture of someone with no eyebrows or maybe also a picture of Antwuan Dixon. Which also was a pretty great cover.

Fantastic tricks of this fantastic year
Matt Beach’s coffin grind
The beer slam grind in the credits of the Black Label video
Torey Pudwill’s caballerial back lip to b/s tail to backside flip out (er, right?)
Sammy Baca
Chris Cole’s cab f/s blunt to whack-a-bystander-in-the-face
Lizard King’s Wallenberg one-footer
Jereme Rogers’ career ender-ender

A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again
the 00s video countdown