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5. Kyle Wilson – ‘Portions’

December 27, 2021

Despite the United Nations confirming the warmest Arctic temperature on record, 2021 was a big year for cold-weather garb, between Ronnie Sandoval’s protective workman’s coat, Brian Panebianco’s vintage Dub jacket and Wade Desarmeaux’s vest/toque layering tour-de-force in ‘Testing 4.’ And still none managed to surpass the bar set by Kyle Wilson early in the year, crashing down some darkened U.K. sidewalk in a fuzzy-hooded camo parka lined with safety orange, one of several key moves that this year cemented his stature elsewhere as an international asset. He moves like water and it’s glorious to watch him skate; Palace’s ‘3rd Wave’ brought the painfully obvious pro board nod but Austin Bristow’s still-heated ‘Portions’ from last spring had that switch backside tailslide up the bricks, the switch frontside blunt, and the superior soundtrack. There should be a ‘Raw Files’ featuring all of Kyle Wilson’s various conversations with passersby.