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Summertime Mixtape Vol. 9 – Emmanuel Guzman, ‘Let’s Do This!’

June 25, 2021

In time, yesteryear’s Transworld video voiceovers will be presented in their intended forums: TED-style straight-to-Youtube insisters, purring and pounding atop college lecterns, or directed at bleary-eyed Denny’s diners past midnight in guttural shouts and barks. Santa Cruz A-lister Emmanuel Guzman caught one of the last of a dying breed in 2007’s exhortative ‘Let’s Do This!!1’, an easily paid price for a top-to-bottom summation of his power and range that hasn’t faded as the ATV wave crested and rolled over everything. Here and in the later Thrasher/Cons joint ‘Prevent This Tragic’ you see his puma crouch and forward lean, ready to knock your block off frontside boardsliding a rail or pumping a pool. He looks fearless, hanging onto the board in those queasy seconds he’s transferring from the bowl to the big bowl, or drifting as he pops the backside noseblunt back into the deep end, or jumping off a damn roof into some backyard ramp. This vid opened with Brian Brown, worked in Peter Smolik and Devine Calloway and closed with this Emmanuel Guzman thunderclap, and it’s one of the great sorrows of TWS’ demise that you don’t see many full-lengths offering that type of lineup anymore. 


January 22, 2010

Back it up then stop

There are those dudes like Brian Wenning and Daniel Castillo and Nate Jones who find a seam to mine and stick with it for much of their careers, and when you’ve got a nice switch heelflip/switch backside heelflip/hair that can help you pay your mortgage or whatever, more power to you. But for those of us whose major fulfillment re: progression comes from landing personal NDB’s, by a function of stair-fearing ankles or general sucking, it’s heartening to see established pro-bros who keep reaching for the new-trick rainbow year in and year out.

Case in point: Emmanuel Guzman’s rather genuine excitement at filming a flatground switch 360 flip in the Transworld video, a maneuver he apparently had figured out not long before. This particular memory was jogged via Guzman’s section in “Prevent This Tragedy” when he twirls a switch tre over a cement hump, only to follow it with what I’m assuming is another recent addition to the repertoire, a switch backside 360.

Now, there was a time and place when backside noseblunting a handrail won you fever points with the masses, covers of magazines, curtains in videos; this time was the year 2000 and the place was a little zone that so-cal brahs like to call “so-cal, brah.” The handrail BSNBS was among the last milemarker tricks, in that it became over the subsequent years kind of a benchmark as far as what dudes could do it and how big they could take it.

It seems like a lot of the past decade was given over to stringing tricks together and rediscovering ramp roots, but if there were to be ’10 version of the barometer type trick, we at Boil the ocean internet peanut gallery LLC would gently submit the switch backside 360 as a worthwhile candidate. Suitably exclusive to the super-good, it’s also one that could conceivably be done ugly enough to let you sort out the legit envelope-pushers from the skatepark stair pretenders. Guzman doesn’t sail his down a Merlino-sized gap but it’s got an interesting delay to it. And yeah we are aware that Russ Milligan has already done and gone and did it with a kickflip (who else–Chris Cole? PJ Ladd?)

Guzman’s got that wicked spider-style and the switch 360 actually ranks pretty low on the gnarlitude scale when it comes to his part in this video, with higher positions held by the frontside ollie into the giant pool, the windbreaker hill jam and a personal favorite, the backside tailslide (to regulars) on the wood rail, which anyone will tell you earns extra points always.

Emmanuel Guzman: King Cobra

September 9, 2008

Just one Pepsi

There’s certain skateboarders who definitely are of the moment and sort of a product of everything happening in skating right this minute, like, I don’t know, Torey Pudwill for instance, Jim Greco around the time of Baker2G, maybe Donny Barley in the mid-90s. Then you have other skateboarders who seem like they would have been great skaters at any point over the last 35 or so years–Alex Olson would be a good example I think, and Emmanuel Guzman. He’s got his kickflip backside smith grinds on rails, yeah, but especially with his transition stuff he strikes me as deeply steeped in skateboard lore. Born in Santa Cruz, skates for Santa Cruz; rides Independent trucks and boards with hand-drawn skeleton graphics; knows who Suicidal Tendencies are, etc.

Despite a career-making curtains part in TWS’s unfortunately named “Let’s Do This!”, I have this hunch that, like Rick McCrank, it’s tough to put together a video part that really does justice to the way Emmanuel Guzman skates. He hasn’t stopped trying though, God bless him, and has a sweet new part in the new installment of Vox shoes’ “Black and Blue”, which seems intent on challenging NHS’s “Strange Notes” series for the title of pumping out imminently disposable DVDs. Hey, when you’re cribbing out of the Vans playbook for shoe designs, you can afford niceties like a video production department. (Jokes, people.)

Here’s the part–the mega backside 180 into the ditch, the kickflip to fakie off the wall and the final backside tailslide are all mind bogglers.