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As You Lie Awake, Shadowy Europeans Are Devising Strange and Bizarre New Flip Tricks

September 8, 2009


A couple recent forehead-scratchers to cross the BTO desk, both of which are crying out for Mystery’s Jimmy Carlin to formulate hilarious names: Londoner Daryl Dominguez’s danger dance over the pyramid (1:08) at the UKSA National Skateboarding Championships, and then this inward-flipping mindbender at the scene of the Macba gap’s half-dug grave. The other side of the Atlantic is pushing the envelope, but until names are claimed, YouTube wag “davidfloodthesex” takes it there in the comments re: the second one:

It’s called a FUCKING FRITZL FLIP.The trick entails locking your daughter in a dungeon,having many children with her and burning one of them in a furnace´╗┐