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4. Guru Khalsa – “Origin”

December 28, 2010


Rewatching Guru Khalsa’s pretty heavy part in the Habitat video this fall, I got to wondering to what degree (if any) he maybe was brought up under the tutelage of Anthony Correa, who probably doesn’t get as much credit these days as he deserves for the low-key ripping he put in around the turn of the decade — was reminded as I tried and failed to find the Guru Khalsa “Origin” part online but instead came up with this old local vid part, where the first line is about as 1990s as it gets. Anyway in jarring contrast to somebody like Daryl Angel, who at least for me requires concentration to fully appreciate the difficulty of some of his tricks, Guru Khalsa’s emerged as one of the standout street stylers on the evolved Habitat team and is refining a mixture of general wildness and loose control. He shares the blessing of nollie b/s noseblunts with fellow Texan Jeremy Holmes and the “Origin” part put together a lot of his promise, his switch stuff got more difficult and he filmed several of the best-looking tricks in a video that also included skating from Steve Durante as well as a Stefan Janoski switch kickflip.