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10. Zach Funk – “Fuck Yinz Vol. 2”

December 21, 2011

We begin again, year’s top ten video parts in terms of tickling this blog site’s fancy.

Macrobrew flavoring for a limited distribution release, Zach Funk in this vid brings what you’d maybe call a skater’s skater something or other, starting with the first backside flip on flat. Which is to say there’s not a lot of flash to this part in terms of tricks, or spots or production value and for its purpose on this list that’s maybe a lot of the point. The woozy lean on the front blunt kickflip out stands over a million cleaner versions at better-lit spots filmed in HD and the floaty frontside pop-shove it reminded me of an old World Industries video though I couldn’t put a finger on which one or why exactly. Wrist cast, step-up rings, baggy hooded sweatshirt, he grasps the gangster powers of a frontside flip nosegrind and this dude also can do a good backside tailslide. Not knowing a lot about this vid I’m hoping it really did come out in calendar 2011 or else this year’s edition of the list will be off to a particularly rough start.

Front back

July 2, 2008

Wenning off DC? Kalis running the DC team? Carl Shipman back on Stereo? Al Davis on something else? Who knows. Let’s talk about frontside pop shove-its, underrated and probably under-utilized, and hopefully remaining that way. The day 13-year-olds are hucking big f/s pop-shoves down 15-stair sets, well, that would suck for all kinds of reasons. Here’s three takes from three masters, one old and two new:

Nick Trapasso, from the new Thrasher photo annual

Jeremy Reeves, same issue

Pappalardo, from an old Skateboarder. I wonder if this footage will show up in the Final Flare. Kind of doubt it…