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Straight Out The Dungeons Of Rap, Travis Erickson Submits An Entry For Most ‘Street’ Video Part Of The Year

September 23, 2011

Watch Wisco kid Travis Erickson mine the San Francisco bay to concoct one of the more “urban” skate parts to be seen this year: Hanging onto moving vehicles, getting yelled at by passersby, skating a curb, switch frontside flips and 360 flips off natural bumps, a switch k-grind to regular, skating in a goddam backpack, sidestepping traffic, water on the lens, skating a truck bumper and truck trailer on nonconsecutive occasions, and a wallie. If you had a street skating bingo card this dude could win the George Webb gift certificate even without the free space and cellar door square.

Great Job

March 7, 2010

By far the most entertaining edition of Roger Skateboards’ “Roger of the Month” series so far finds Beez affiliates Tim’n’Eric mucking about with possibly the greatest array of step-off flip tricks ever set to a single Randy Newman song, while remaining true to one another til the very end. Seiben and Lowry’s Roger, like the Tiltmode and CKY squadrons, is a crucial link in the flowery chain of companies toting the comedy torch – but these guys are bringing depth of weirdness bred by an environment where furries on scooters rule the streets. The identity crisis manual prompted a literal LOL over here.