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The All-Seeing Eye

January 8, 2013

One imagines the invisible hand of Adam Smith guiding the DC-ringed hand of Rob Dyrdek in bringing together this Alien Workshop/Century Optics collaboration on a fisheye lens designed for iPhones, further diversifying that perennial acquisition target away from skateboard decks and its array of bath-time offerings such as soap and towels. As Alien’s spirit guide, lead vocalist, mariachi band liaison and general-purpose mascot on last year’s winning KOTR bid, Omar Salazar is a worthwhile one to endorse this product offering, but you wonder if it was an overflow of merchant-marine ink that maybe kept Gilbert Crockett out of the running, as a dude who already has had a hand in filming a whole video shot on cell phone cameras. Maybe Century Optics feared being on the receiving end of hand-made prototypes for telephoto lenses? Will the industry’s next video camera collaboration see Palace link up with JVC?

The GR-AXM18US also includes a combination of 11 built-in digital special effects and wipes/fades that allow you to give your videos a polished, professional look

Amuse Bouche Avant Votre Caricatures Samedi Matin Brrr Brrr

April 20, 2012

Newly pro’d Gilbert Crockett switch kickflips upstream (via David Galletly dot com). We recommend pairing with a springtime lager and the Jurassic Park score. I would’ve stopped at the flatbar in the back

AWS Giveaway Spotlights The Human Toll Of Mystery’s Old B&W Ad Campaign

December 13, 2011

Australian journeyman Dennis Durrant recently made blog-waves upon disclosing that he had jumped the Mystery ship for Skate Mental in part because the Kiss-inspired, baggier-pantsed Zero offshoot had ceased to pay him for a number of reasons. No bad blood, but the takeaway was something like “it’s tough all over, kid.”

As the market continues to mull just how many professionals and unpaid amateurs it can and will support this year, a sorrier story still plays out just beyond the edges of the car lots where luxury autos are sitting un-leased. Midwestern company Alien Workshop has affixed the stiff upper lip and gone ahead and announced a giveaway opportunity that reveals how tragedy has befallen new teamrider Gilbert Crockett. The one-size-only swag on offer is a drab spectrum of grays, blacks and whites, the only Crayolas that Crockett can pull out of the carton first try, his hollowed-out eyeballs the sad result of years spent toiling for Mystery under its famed black and white regime. Alien’s recent and radical attempt at “splicing his life” to correct his colorblindedness has failed even despite the rapid manual hops, channel kickflip and much-anticipated and much awesome footage of the bench/steps jump.

Mystery’s Color Theory may have come too late to save Crockett’s sense of sight and post-board career he confronts a difficult job market that will not allow him to pilot fighter planes, design interior home spaces or correctly assemble Christmas tree light strings, leaving few choices. For inspiration he may turn to the story of Moses Itkonen, whose eyes were similarly seared by DC’s 1990s black-white-and-helvetica campaign but reinvented himself as a Canadian clothing company magnate by hiring an intern to wield a red marker.

In The Spirit Of _____, We Bring You ______

April 11, 2011


In keeping with the cosmic balance, Maldonado pops up in this Kerry Getz-themed clip today, click toward 01:05 for the relevant backside tailslide variant.

Thug Motivation

February 28, 2010

Let’s get it

The latest in a grand tradition of blurring the line between pro and regular old bro, the imperatively titled “Yougottagetthat!” may be best represented by its “Bob & Bobby” section, which finds a slimmer-than-usual-looking Worrest switch backside noseblunting alongside the husky section shopper yet very agile switch b/s kickflipper Bob Reynolds, while Bun-B describes various ways of hiding drugs in your car before you sell them off. It’s not a terrifically serious video (though there will probably be some hurt feelings in the Blackbox camp as the credits roll and Jamie Thomas is mysteriously left off certain thank-you lists), but the stacking of some good shop-vid level tricks alongside the work of paid professionals such as Dan Murphy and Mike Peterson suggests a good-faith effort to document the vital and vigorous North Carolinian scene, fueled as it is by canned beer and Cam’ron. You can tell they’re easygoing because so many Nike shoes and Consolidated boards are peacefully coexisting.

Opening act and heir to the Colt Cannon throne of alliterating proto-names Conor Champion straddles this line, positioned as he is for breakout hot-shoe status thanks to a can-do attitude and close working relationship with frontside crooked grinds, both regulars and switch. This dude gets off some crazy moves, including a buried switch feeble grind on a handrail, makes DC shoes look good and has this one line that ends with a b/s smith grind down a modest rail and is sorta reminiscent of a mid-90s LA playground romp. The SPOT website suggests that he’s currently trying his luck with the flow vortex that is the Crailtap camp, so hopefully he’s put a moratorium on attaining recognized status over there before moving on to other pastures, since it would be a shame to see this dude’s tricks slip too far into obscurity.

Mike Peterson and Kyle Berard, two blue-collar bowl types who I don’t follow too closely, both have nice sections and Berard (think it’s Berard) gets hairy on the coping with a switch hurricane grind that is kind of a “wow” move, since it follows right after a regular one. Young Alien Gilbert Crockett does his thing with the swooping launches and cat-footed landings, noseblunting this tall ledge and catching a lofty frontside shove-it. Brett Abramsky, co-director with Reynolds, casts a big 360 flip into a smoothly paved hill at what looks like a scarily fun speed, and kind of resembles Cliche’s Javier Mendizabal.

Past-and-perhaps-present NC transplant Dan Murphy anchors, advertising up front his switch to the magic F and unloading a lot of his Mystery deck footage in the process. Solid is the word that most often comes to mind with regards to this dude’s footage but he’ll occasionally throw in an eyebrow-raiser like the long switch frontside blunt in this section, or the textbook-edition nollie backside flip down some blocks that serve to remind he may not be the knuckle-dragging gap jumper his college keg-party background suggests to some of us. Although it was nice to see that mega-rail jump pop up here as well as in that internet clip a few months back. One thing about Dan Murphy is that he seems to work hard for his tricks and it’s nice to see a dude on the Nike payroll willing to suit up in gloves, a hat and hooded sweatshirt for the purposes of rounding out a section in his friends’ vid.

The Skateboard Mag put up a remix edition of this part the other day but it doesn’t quite measure up to the original, which boasts one of three good songs off the Clipse album — you can and should consider buying this DVD off the fellows who made it as it features talented dudes taking themselves none too seriously and two (count em) songs with Cam’ron.

King of the Wild Frontier

March 9, 2009

Crank that Richmond

It’s probably not gonna be video part of the year or whatever, but the Black Box website a couple weeks ago put up this ripping part from BTO favorite Gilbert Crockett that features some stunning backside kickflips, a rollerblade cameo, sick line at what I think is probably Pulaski, and a ledge with this really sweet Mario Bros-themed paint job. The part comes out of a local Richmond VA video called Tomboman, named for a dead homie; you can watch all the parts here in a presumably legitimate fashion, and check Travis Pittman’s section for the sweet cephalopod-themed soundtrack. Note, I got all the way through this post without a stupid Clipse reference.

Boil the Ocean posts about the Fallen video some more

October 4, 2008

Whistle while you twurk

So maybe restraint is an odd concept to associate with a video that’s mainly concerned with handrail firepower and gap flights, but I was kind of impressed with the non-spectacle aspect of the Fallen flick that, uh, “debuted” online last week amidst a flurry of anguished messageboard pleas and back-door Rapidshare dealings. This is especially impressive considering it’s helmed by Jamie Thomas, who’s certainly brought elements of the theatrical to past productions, and what with your HD cameras, international dateline-hopping footage quests and the famous Blackbox work ethic, cynical potato-bugs like myself can maybe be forgiven for expecting, basically, “Fully Flared” with bigger jumps and smaller pants and Maiden.

The waistlines are narrow to be sure, but I gotta give Thomas & co. much credit for following the age-old Texasism “shut up and skate”: no voiceovers, no gratuitous intro sequences, no padding whatsoever really. Not even that much slow-mo.

In other respects (music, filming, editing) it’s basically a Zero video, not a bad thing at all, which is to say if I’m going to watch some high stakes carcass-tossing I’d rather see the real McCoy than the legions of longhaired frontside boardsliders that arose in the Baker2G handrail heyday.

The current “creativity” trend does rear its head from time to time, like with Tommy Sandoval, who has the first section and appears to be going through a WASPafarian thing. In an otherwise by-the-numbers Zero gap/rail assault he throws in a few torso-twister feeble/smith combos that are pretty sick, and the pop out of the obligatory pivot fakie is a show-stopper. Tony Cervantes oversees most of the transition stuff in the video, he’s not the flashiest skater ever, but like Kenny Hoyle he’s got something that doesn’t lend itself to drawn-out blog commentary, some kind of X factor. But they’re lucky to have this dude. He’s gonna be interesting to watch evolve.

People are correct in saying one of the best parts is Brian Hansen, piloting his skateboard at unsafe speeds through harrowing terrain and landing tricks way smoother than necessary for a dude who otherwise engages in wholesale slobbery (thank-you list includes Cheez-Its). And I suppose I’ll go ahead and take another lap of dick-riding for Gilbert Crockett, he of the ninja flip tricks and precision reverts and monochrome wardrobe. Perfect second part for a video like this.

James Hardy, on Real now and a kid I’ve heard a lot about in certain sectors, didn’t wow me much aside from a Gonzish frontside 180 backside nosegrind and a fakie 5-0 on a burly rail. Likewise the 2/3 Harmony-1/3 Bennett part, the proportion of which I wished was reversed. Harmony had a longish backside nosegrind in there I guess.

In terms of evolution and growing up and all that game of Life shit I was interested to see what Jamie Thomas came with, being a decade beyond his best video part, but not the type to milk it either. His age sort of shows through the first half, getting semi-tech on ledges and skating fast with some red meat thrown to his Slap pals (mailbox nosebash, pole lipslide), but he turns up the heat when the song gets going and by the time he bangs out that steep frontside nosegrind pop-out over the sidewalk it’s like “Thrill of It All” again even if he didn’t score the ride-away.

And if it wasn’t for Chris Cole Billy Marks would easily have the craziest section in this video, doing one of the tallest jumps I’ve seen in some time straight out the gate and bumping his flip-to-grind act up a few notches. Here and there he falls into the Jon Allie trap of kickflipping into every trick he can think of, which gets sort of repetitive, but he makes an effort to keep it interesting like with the smith grinds kickflip out both ways on that rolly ledge thing. And I don’t know if it’s from watching so many low-impact street transition tricks these last few years, but the sheer size of some of his shit rattled me a few times. Currently Marks’ meter is edging away from tech-deck and toward SOTY, if you ask me.

Boil the Ocean posts about the Fallen video

October 2, 2008

Do you guys think it’s fucked up how, after years on Mystery’s strict black-and-white photo/video regimen, Gilbert Crockett has gone colorblind?

We do this in broad daylight

June 24, 2008

Wha happen?

Jamie Thomas is given credit for a lot of things, such as the Zero quick-cut editing technique, reintroducing the world to Chris Cole and ruining skateboarding forevermore. But often people end up overlooking other things about the Zero warlord, like his deep flatground skills, his vertically integrated business approach and his eye for great tech skaters. While he’s generally associated with greaseball hessians of the Ellington and Garrett Hill variety, Jamie Thomas also put on the likes of Josh Kalis and Adrian Lopez, whose first line in Thrill of It All is still hot a decade-plus later.

(Did Jamie Thomas recruit Satva Leung to Toy Machine? Been a while…)

It’s a close thing, but at this point I guess I can pretty safely say that Gilbert Crockett had my favorite part in the generally underrated Mystery video last summer–snappy flip tricks, fast pushing and quick set-ups. As is the way of the skateboard world, he got a spot on the Fallen shoes team a couple months ago ahead of their video this summer, and the powers that be posted up this video last week of Crockett skating the Black-Box warehouse. Pretty much all these tricks are boss material in one way or another but the smooth-sailing switch b/s lipslide and the way he pops out of the frontside k-grind are particularly thrilling to me. Note to HD filmers: it is indeed possible to toggle the slo-mo off on HD footage, and it still looks amazing.

So while we all wait for the Fallen video, which supposedly is going to premier online at some point, here’s an older Gilbert Crockett part from the “Whathadhappenwaz” video, made by the Endless Grind people in North Carolina. Watch for the flared-out nosebonk at 2:05. And the sweet Arby’s product placement about 10 seconds earlier.


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