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10. Miles Silvas – Lakai Commercial

December 21, 2013

One of the risks in assembling an uber-team and producing an uber-video is that once these projects run their course, the group tends to splinter (see Plan B/’Questionable’-‘Virtual Reality,’ Es/’Menikmati’, Flip/’Sorry’-‘Really Sorry’)*. You could argue that some test of staying power lies in trading off the strength of the great project for the next set of dudes, so it’s been interesting watching Lakai make new acquisitions as they’ve ceded several Fully Flarees to international shoe purveyours. This Miles Silvas reminds me of the five-panel era Mark Suciu and his slate of moves is solid: arms on the backside noseblunt transfer, the rarely-seen backside ‘over-crook’ to backside 180 out, a pleasantly weird-looking flatground hardflip. Even saddled with an ass shot his switch heelflip is burly and the ride-away from the kickflip backside tailslide at the end (still a rail trick with mustard in 2013) rivals Jake Donnelly’s from the Real vid a couple years ago.

*Among the possible rationales for Plan B declining to release a video since its reformation.

Jan. 24th: New Bin Laden Tape Surfaces, Saints-Colts Matchup Set For Superbowl XLIV, Greg Lutzka Conquers Another Medium

January 25, 2010

Now imagine music going off in the background

I was inspired to make my first visit to the Armourdillo website earlier today after finding a half-soaked CCS catalogue in my letterbox, browsing it and smirking at this Corey Duffel quote:

“They are the ultimate flair company.”

The thinking was, post up a pic of Duffel wearing some of his more ostentatious gear and a tough-guy frown, paste the quote underneath, have another chuckle at that we live in an age where one can say the phrase “ultimate flair company” in an un-ironic fashion, and go to sleep secure in the knowledge that we will start the week with some breezy and half-amusing content. BUT, after visiting the website of Armourdillo – an Australian leathers concern of some description that seems focused squarely on belts and wallets – I was completely blown away by the fact that “the” Greg Lutzka has pointed the prow of his personal brand toward the iPhone app shores with his first videogame. Let’s allow him to explain his unique vision in terms of his own choosing.

dizm is launching a new Skateboarding iPhone app where you can compete against Greg Lutzka in a game of S.K.A.T.E. as music goes off in the background. S.K.A.T.E. features a variety of tricks, ranging from ollies to more technical moves such as frontside bigspins and nollie heelflips.

“dizm S.K.A.T.E. is a fun app that is technical enough to appeal to skaters, but easy enough so non-skaters can enjoy it too,” commented Lutzka. The dizm S.K.A.T.E. (Skateboarding iPhone app) is available for $0.99 from the App Store and can be found by searching for dizm SKATE in the App Store or by clicking here.

Even in the midst of the Great Recession, at 99 cents, somebody has to have the extra banana-skins to have downloaded and battled the i-Lutzka for SKATE supremacy. So a full and let’s face it, glowing review would be appreciated. The only possible knock against this game would be that it’s probably more accurately described as an entry in the fantasy genre because in real life, one cannot hope to compete with the Lutzka.