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1990s Antique Roadshow: Two Alien Workshop Stickers

March 14, 2010

Like many aging skateboarders I got a sticker “collection,” which is to say a ziplock stuffed with dozens of stickers mostly obtained as part of other purchases, and all but a handful of course are from companies that you wouldn’t mention in reputable company. Clive backpacks for instance. The minority of actual good stickers present a problem, because they’re cool enough that you hesitate to plop them onto this month’s board, and eventually you get to a certain point where it’s tough to make the effort to put stickers on anything anyhow. So in the ziplock they sit. These Neil Blender-drawn stickers form the “TimeCode” era are probably the crown jewel of said baggie, alongside some Savier and Seek logo stickers that are certain to haul in thousands on Ebay in a couple decades. I got these second or third-hand from someone who used to work at DNA, and thought I had the Bo Turner one too, but it was either lost to the ages or stuck to something in a fit of pique. Here’s the full set