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The Brrrprint

October 29, 2009

Cold war

Just the actual construction of this Minnesota-made berg block is post-worthy, but then the so-icey boys are kickflip frontside blunting the thing and whatnot. Fuck. They should’ve probably saved this for one of TWS’s “Skate and Create” things, but you know how they get into the season up there. Actually this post can serve double-duty as a request for Police Informer or Chrome Ball or Vert’s Dead to go on a scavenger hunt for a pic that popped up in the “Somethin’ Else”/equivalent sometime in the early (very early) 90s, featuring a dude performing an ollie on a board outfitted with ice-skate blades. Anybody else remember this one? I wonder if you’d have to skate such a thing with cleats.

Theatre of Pain

August 10, 2009


Folded my ankle on a poorly planned bit of board flipping this weekend, so forgive my wanting to share the misery of this bone-crunching slam from Brian Anderson in the fourthcoming “Gang of Four-Star” promo. This vid looks like it’ll also feature a generous helping of Gonzo antics, Guy Mariano’s steadily expanding universe of ledge combo tricks, Tyler Bledsoe’s newly floppy hair, some T-Pain references and a bonus-section documentary by Spike Jonez that focuses on Sean Malto’s pearly whites. Holy shit, what about that fakie backside tailslide* that Max Schaaf did, holy shit. Nine out of ten doctors decree that Four-Star’s brand breezy tour video complements the RICE/Naproxen regimen well, as does Vince Del Valle’s Black Label part. And Leinenkugel’s. Viva la VCR…

*did we get it right this time?