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10. James Sayres – ‘Next Up’

December 22, 2018

The great flattener of the skate-boarding discipline — crucially differentiating from those requiring planetary gravity to best friction (snowboarding) or churn up liquified transitions (surfing) or plummet to the Earth’s surface (sky boarding) — is that practitioners require little more than a board and some flat surface to get busy, unlock leveled rewards, collect money sacks, and other wish fulfillments. Village Psychic patron James Sayres is exhibit 946,788 in his daylong loops around Brooklyn Borough Hall, drawing sparks from little besides some curbs, grates and outdoor furnitures. Set against energetic beep-bloops and an intensely vibing androgyne, James Sayres cracks fat jumps and swerves on pedestrians over what looks like one of the most satisfying afternoons at the spot with all the bros of all time. Witness the over-grate ghetto bird and switch 360 flip, and his fakie flip form, all the way on point.