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The All-Ighty Ollar

April 7, 2009

“No, I want roast beef, you clod”

Though I have mixed feelings about Converse jumping into the SB/IVSK8/SR-71 Blackbird business, I do got to hand it to them re: their entertaining fold-in ads, a criminally under-used format outside the realms of Alfred E. Neuman and Shorty’s better years. The real genius is that this approach lets you reimagine these seasoned pros as skating any way you want them to. Say for instance that you like Anthony Pappalardo, but pine for the days when his repertoire spanned regions beyond 50-50s, boardslides and shove-its. And say that you despise the way gravity and, indeed, a paltry three dimensions bind our everyday life. Voila! If MC Escher were regular footed and also mentally deranged he might have come up with something perhaps far better than this. Did I mention, I like the Converse ads. That includes those ones with all the animals, as I consider myself an ally to all natural creatures, especially the tortoise. Boil the ocean wishes these stalwart nomads peace among the Dutch tulips.