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Hope Springs Eternal

April 29, 2009

Flower power

Following on fellow team rider Jereme Rogers’ late-nite i-phone philosophizing, here we find his comparatively soft-spoken countryman and teammate Ryan Gallant in a season-specific ad that’s refreshing in more ways than one. The trick itself isn’t super hot, not “Put ‘Em In the Lac” hot anyway, but it’s nice enough, the angle is different, and personally I’m okay not being beaten over the head with ender-enders on each and every page. You know? Plan B as a company carries a lot of baggage* (though Massachusetts as the new Canada is an intriguing concept) but there are small things they get right now and then that make it a little harder to write them off entirely, abysmal graphics and reality TV car-wrecks aside. This ad, and the fact that they seem to have ditched the campaign idea in favor of generally running with whatever they’re feeling that month, transports me back to a time when the only skateboarder putting out rap albums held it down on Nickelodeon. The Scott Decenzo full-bleed switch backside tailslide last month was cool also.

*Insert Jereme Rogers Louis Vuitton-related rap lyric here

It’s Partly the Pants, I Think

April 1, 2009

Now this is pretty old in internet time, but I feel it’s worth posting as A. I was kind of lazy about putting it up when it was current and B. a whole 45 days or so later the tricks are still all pretty much nutty. I haven’t decided yet for sure, but I was thinking about saddling up and riding for this kid all year long similar to how I fawned over Jake Johnson last year and Steve Durante the year before that (I was pulling for Justin Schulte a while back, but the JR Blastoff Neighborhood part was less than I had hoped for).

Now Habitat may or may not be a more interesting company if they had put Nicholson on ahead of, say, Marius Syvanen, but I’m confident things will work out one way or the other for the young Pennsylvanian. And if they don’t, well, then he’ll live on in YouTube glory, having spared himself a career fraught with the temptation to don energy drink New Eras, swim the fickle waters of footwear sponsorship and shore up ailing street cred via facial tattoos*. While there are grimmer fates than working a straight job, Nicholson is talented enough and a reasonable time has passed since somebody came up with a good Tom Penny resurrection, so he should be good.

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