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Public Service Announcement

October 31, 2009

“This ain’t my first rodeo”

“Umm, you know, umm, a lot of people told me I couldn’t do this. They told me I shouldn’t do this. Like uhh, the fuckin internet went crazy over this shit. Like people I didn’t even know would take time out of their day, every day, on the daily, to hit me, try to bash me down, try to umm, crush my dream. Tell me what I’m capable of. Like I mean this one guy actually, he uh, hit me ten times in one sittin. And uh, he was telling me, on Twitter, on Twitter so he sent me ten full paragraphs, he used all his letters each time, all 150. He was telling me how I was wrong for retirin, how um, how it was such a waste of talent, how I shouldn’t retire, and telling me how the guy at Wal-Mart wouldn’t give me a job. He wouldn’t give me a job cuz I could do good switch varial flips. I mean, I don’t even like that trick. I mean granted I can do them great, but, that’s besides the point. So heh heh, I mean, did you guys actually think I would listen? I mean not you, but but when I say you, did you guys actually think I would listen, as in whoever… anyone who would try to tell me that… I mean, do you know where I came from? Do you know where I came from to do this shit?”

Jereme Rogers’ new mixtape, out today

Addendum: Does Memphis Bleek know he’s involved with this project?

Lizard King Is Probably the T-Pain of Skateboarding

May 12, 2009

Not Lizard King or T-Pain, or even Billy Gibbons

Back in 2001, when men were men, pro deck sales were still on the upswing and PJ Ladd was wrapping up a game-altering East Coast shop video part, plucky softgoods concern Planet Earth released the largely overlooked “F.O.R.E. and Friends,” a city-hopping video that brought together the likes of Kenny Anderson, Felix and a young Terry Kennedy to celebrate the rising star of Forrest Kirby, who at the time occupied a place in skateboarding where he basically was like everybody’s lovable little brother. Whether donning a doo-rag or skidding banger noseblunts, FORE was down with everybody and stood poised to take his place amongst top-ranked professional athletes everywhere, before stepping back to attend CCD and pen faith-based memoirs.

As you can imagine we live in less innocent times nowadays. Usama bin Laden remains at large; 50 Cent is having problems selling CDs of his music and snitches roam the streets. Yet some things are not so different. Dustin Dollin remains a glorious mess for instance. Varial kickflips are still better left alone unless you are Brian Anderson. Whereas we once had Nate Dogg, we now obey the robot voice of Teddy Pendergrass, and while skateboarding once ruffled the hair of a towheaded kid from San Antonio, in 2009 everyone wants to be down with the Satan worshippin’, razorblade abusin’, crazy-eyed rail/gap/other killa Mike Plumb.

And just as T-Pain took the stage at the Grammy awards and beseeched award-winning artists everywhere to hit him on the hip for collaborative art pursuits, Lizard King seems eager to get down with anyone and everyone possible — his journey from a one-foot backside lipsliding amateur contest oddity sponsored by Think has brought him into the house of Reynolds, and more recently he’s spreading the endorsement love amongst entities including but not limited to Jake Brown and Sean Sheffey’s not-sure-if-it’s-real-or-not clothing venture “Laced” and, ah, DC Shoes? Lizard King’s three-ring circus is such that I’m not sure what to believe anymore, what is true and what is just bleary-eyed delusion.

Other traits shared with T-Pain: a nonsensical nickname, a penchant for outlandish behavior that might be really annoying in other people, and they’re both friends with people who have tattoos on their face.

A healthy work ethic and the big-tent approach has worked for T-Pain, just as it has served Lizard King well. And despite the media ubiquity of both it’s hard not to root for them. They are too tirelessly and exuberantly weird to root against, neither seems to take hisself too serious, and for the most part it wouldn’t do any good anyway. In closing, if Mike Plumb contributes an autotune hook to a JR rap song you all owe me $1000.

*who had yet to learn bluntslides from Stevie Williams

Wasted Youth

April 15, 2009

No point trying to sum up this experience in words. Sort of like the Nandez “gargoyle” vid. Wow