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Summertime Mixtape Vol. 7 — Aquil Brathwaite, ‘Vicious Cycle’

July 6, 2019

Ignore for a minute the incongruity that goes with soundtracking an East Coast kid in an East Coast vid to ‘California Soul’ — in its way it functions as a leading indicator of Zoo’s geographical and mercantile wanderings under the ‘00s Ecko regime. Like all things summertime it’s really about the vibe. Aquil Brathwaite stepped out as a young charger with bottomless energy for snapping trick after trick across pretty much all the media-friendly New York spots going at the time and then some, pushing and pushing and popping something new with the same cocktail of freewheeling ability and youthful exhuberance brought by ‘WHL’-era PJ Ladd and ‘Trilogy’-era Lavar McBride. Maybe fitting for a dude whose most memorable footage came on his arrival, Aquil Brathwaite’s powers at the time were such that he avoided little-kid style even on certified little-kid tricks like the varial flip, and this section remains a document for all seeking truth in switch ollies, kickflip backside 5-0s and hardflip backside 180s.

Skateboarding Changed For Old Guys Today

April 8, 2009

Stay Old

…But you don’t have to take BTO’s word for it. The supreme Javier Nunez in the new Transworld, arriving on newsstands whenever that shit usually goes down.

Perhaps now would be the time for him to leverage his “Kids” credit; the Javier “Java” Nunez IMDB page has registered a 14% bump in traffic this week, no doubt owing as much to his taking out Rick McCrank as that star turn on NYPD Blue. Ah, the 90s.

So yeah, I don’t know if Javier Nunez technically counts as an old guy really, but since he came up under Kareem in the Menace era I feel like he sort of fits the bill. Plus he continues to hold a stake in the top five tricks busted over both the Brooklyn Banks wall and the Flushing Meadows grate-ledge deal. Also he skated the Berrics, but at this point who hasn’t. (Possible answer: Jovontae Turner)