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In Which We Try And Resolve A Potential Identity Crisis Afflicting The Streets, Or At Least Make It Easier To Develop A Lasting Meme

July 12, 2012

Attention aspiring action-sport marketing honchos and brand-managers* — some years ago in this web space, Boil the Ocean Canteen and Cookery Unltd. challenged readers to design a caption for a pic of Adelmo Jr and his free-range dreadlocks. Today a more stringent and perilous challenge is posed to all. In years past the industry has ushered in ATVs, ledge-dancers and cellar doors, but somehow a more recent fashion of skating, some examples collected above, seems to have wandered up ledges, over the backs of handrails and elsewhere generally unnamed. The other day I struggled with this and clumsily thought to myself “it’s gotta be fast and powerful. Something like, um, “power skating”, but not so lame.” So I used power skating. Yall can do better I bet, what is this subgenre called?

*read: box-packers able to heed the call of the clock-radio alarm