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Six Shooter

April 13, 2008

Matt Milligan’s skateboard career was kind of a non-starter, which is too bad, because even though he was around from the pre-7 Year Glitch New Deal days it seemed like his skating got a lot more interesting around this time, when he wasn’t really riding for anyone and apparently being a full-time party animal (see also: SPOT site). Which is to say he probably deserved better than DNA, but who knows, maybe he was just a lazy drunk or something.

Anywho, this part from the little-seen but really pretty awesome Six Newell video from 2004 is really good–his frontside bigspins are right up there with the Carrolls and the frontside bigspinners of your choice, as far as I’m concerned, and he’s got a mellow way of skating that’s still kind of refreshing to see, even with the handrail hammer several years past us. Supposedly he had some footage in Shane Heyl’s “Shake Junt” vid, which I never saw, and I guess the same people who rebooted Rasa thought it would be a good idea to give Joel Meinholz a board again (lord knows why), so maybe a comeback’s not out of the question for Matt Milligan.