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Beast of Both Worlds

October 21, 2008

The Which Beer Project

Like Guns’n’Roses and Metallica, peanut butter and chocolate, Hall & Oates, some combos seem predestined somehow – bear witness to Girl and Anti-Hero’s “Beauty and the Beast” tour, already inked into the annals of legendary road trips, and the video the best tour documentary to come along since probably “Harsh Euro Barge.” It’s no “Barbarians At the Gate” or “Shit” but I’d definitely rate it above the bloated “Super Champion Fun Zone,” and let’s be honest, in the late 00’s, making a tour video that’s worth watching more than once is no mean feat. Even O’Dell and his all-seeing VX1000 didn’t clear that bar with last year’s “Wild Ride” doc.

The 10 Beast Moments:
10. McCrank’s Miller flip subtitle – he skates for Girl, remember?
9. Gerwer no-handed climbing the ladder / Koston crapping out on the boat
8. Jack Rebney Beast edit cameo
7. Trujillo’s hardflip – Scarface sidewalk gap soundtrack
6. Wizard staffs – on track to become as ubiquitous as Half-Cabs, or played out like Leo Romero’s black eye game?
5. BA’s pants sag – Gerwer’s AH sombrero
4. Malto’s nosegrind pop-out – Peabody gap to b/s smith grind
3. Julien Stranger nollie noseblunt – Alex Olson brick nosegrind
2. John Cardiel – backside 50/50
1. Mike Carroll, Japan air – very possibly the best trick caught on film this year:

Boil the Ocean: Kels got off edition

June 14, 2008

Try to charge me but I’m not guilty

Parents, lock up your daughters: Seven and a half hours was all it took for 10 angry R&B fans to shake off a couple haters and clear the Pied Piper of R&B on all counts today in his child pornography case. Not that, you know, he isn’t obviously guilty, or this has anything at all to do with skateboarding or whatever, but shit. The dude made “Bump N Grind.” And the “Ignition” remix. And, uh, married Aaliyah when she was 15.

But I truly feel if anybody out there in skating is backing Kels on this, aside from Brian Patch, it would be SAD. A smooth beast way ahead of his time, I get the feeling that SAD’s disdain for the man is surpassed only by his quiet storm-style love for the ladies. Except you know, they’re not 12. And I’d also like to think that Robert Kelly might curl his lip, bite his cigar and nod appreciatively at the switch b/s 180 nosegrind (1:24).

Bonus footage