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Boil the Ocean Owes The Following Parties An Apology

May 6, 2010

Austyn Gillette
His recent “day in the life” feature was deemed kind of bland on this blog-spot, skate tricks notwithstanding, but in recent weeks his take on jazzing up oatmeal with peanut butter, bananas and cinnamon began to resonate with me personally and ultimately took the oatmeal business to a whole different level around here. So obviously this clip “stuck” with me* more than initially reported, and for that, we regret the oversight.

Jereme Rogers
Having a grudging tolerance/general boredom with Twitter, it was probably almost for sure fate when I randomly checked JR’s twit-feed the other day and saw him hinting among the most recent postings at competing in the upcoming Maloof event in New York… but at the time it was simply too difficult to bring myself to care, and I moved on, perhaps thinking back to a previous posting that speculated Rogers’ comeback would take something more like three years (as opposed to less than one). Jereme Rogers, now a well-known internet music artist, is maybe feeling a little bit of peer pressure to up the ante and buy some more cars since that Aston Martin is looking a little bit Marge-Simpson-Chanel-suit. And if there’s a growth industry out there right now, it’s definitely selling music, but a backup plan can never hurt. Whatever the case he felt the need to up his own personal Buzz Factor with the recent proclamation that “Rogers Back” so probably I (and by proxy, you) should just roll with it.

People in the theater when Antwuan Dixon went to the movies the other day
Because a lot of them were probably quiet buttondown family types who were hoping to settle back in their stadium seats after a long day in the rat race and watch Freddy Krueger mutilate children in peace. I don’t believe Antwuan Dixon’s blustering review and see real fear in his eyes as he talks about this movie, which sounds really scary.

People who look at this blog
The longsuffering gentle reader of this web-page probably deserves more regular apologies, but time (and inclination honestly) has been thin lately and the drudgeries of daily life are pretty dire. Reality rap, this may or may not change going forward.

My skateboard
We haven’t spent nearly enough time together..

*heh hah?