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Midsummer Video Roundup: Seasons 4

August 13, 2008

Living proof

Full disclosure: I am relatively poor, possess minimal computer skills and currently am not hooked on either patchouli or crack cocaine. For these reasons and more I’ve never lived in the Bay Area, and like most people, my impressions of the region have been formed more by occasional visits, Rice-A-Roni commercials and the E-40 backcatalog. With that unfortunate ignorance in mind, from an outsider’s perspective, Trevor Prescott’s Seasons videos more than any others capture the “vibe”* of the Bay skateboarding scene in these, the mid-aughts–technical tricks and hill bombs, tall tees and blond dreadlocks, jazz/funk soundtrack, super 8 footage, Pat Washington, etc.

The newish Seasons 4 looks to be the too-soon final entry into Prescott’s self-released oeuvre, and it’s probably as good as any in the series, mixing short parts from knowns and unknowns alike, fading into and out of montages and slices of SF life, be they angry homosexual homeowners or Be-All-You-Can-Be helicopter money shots. In a way it’s about as relaxing as skate videos get, and refreshing like an autumn breeze or some such bullshit.

The skating: new City resident Josh Matthews, with the first part, has the recipe for nosebonking fire hydrants, a precision move if there ever was one. Carlos Young executes spin wizardry. Julian Quevado and his impeccable frontside crooked grinds are welcome in pretty much any video barring those featuring Iga (do these exist yet?). Ben Stewart chomps Clipper with a frontside flip and Hubba with a kickflip backside smith grind and I could have done with more Keith Cole and Errol Langdon footage. Veteran appearances include Danny Fuenzalida, Gershon Mosely and noted headcase Lennie Kirk, who does a switch f/s 5-0 bigspin out up a loading dock ledge… praises be.

I’m not especially into Brian Delatorre but his closing nollie b/s 5-0 was the shit; I’m not into Richard Jefferson period. Jason Wussler makes the choice to mar a line with a supremely ugly nollie 360 shove-it, or maybe a nollie front foot impossible, it was hard to tell as my eyes instinctively contorted to form the gasface. Jackson Curtain contributes some beautiful tricks, like a line with a super-stabbed switch b/s smith grind, and Ryan Nix is in there too somewhere. That guy needs to get back on it.

Later top-billed Silas Baxter Neal shows up for his nth part in the last couple of years. He skids a noseslide whip-around to switch frontside boardslide transfer on that fountain spot, and frontside kickflips a double-set to hill bomb before turning the stage over to Prescott, whose low-impact flip combos close the show. Backside tailslide shove-it to nosemanual; someone great is gone indeed. RIP.

Verdict: Boil the Ocean grants this video four out of five hubba rocks, plus a dime bag. Check for it. Also shoutout to the surviving members of Pantera. Photo above via The Larkey Experiments.

*It’s a surfer word!