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Up in smoke

June 13, 2008

Point away from face

Is the summer video season here? “Smoke and Mirrors” leaked the other day and I guess TWS’s “And Now/And Then/Later That Day” or whatever premieres tomorrow, leaving “Last of the Mohicans,” City, Fallen, AWS, and probably a bunch of others I’m forgetting right now. But it’s Bill Weiss’s week to drop, so I’m gonna do a little running diary of watching this Digital, which will probably be the first time I sit through a Digital all the way through since… well I guess I watched the “Digital All Stars” video, uh… five years ago?

Title sequence:
Well first off, I have beef with Weiss because of the uber-generic title. See I was hoping he’d keep riffing off rap albums after the amazingly titled “Get Tricks or Die Trying.” I bet a resourceful guy like Weiss could come up with so many. “Enter the 30 Tricks Chambers.” You know? Totally easy. Or what about “Street Skating Disciple.” You could have Evan Hernandez and some other yahoos sitting around at the Last Supper.

I get that Weiss and his partner in Digital crime Dennis Martin aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel with these movies, and they give a lot of shine to kids who probably deserve it, but damn if the Digitals don’t have the most pedestrian, workmanlike editing out. You could give 500 monkeys wearing 500 Plan B New Era hats 500 copies of the raw footage for this video and they’d probably crank out more or less the same thing.

Kurt Winter:
Hey alright, the one part of this video I was anticipating, right off. Like most North Americans my first exposure to this kid was through this clip, probably one of the best things to ever bear the Stussy trademark, and I’ve been wondering what else he’s got… let’s see: helium-powered nollie flips, switch heelflips, switch b/s flips… I feel like I could watch these nollie flips all day though. He skates fast as shit and twirls switch b/s 360s, so I guess we don’t need that one other kid after all, huh?

Tommy Sandoval:
I’m not the biggest fan of his skating but I kind of dig his outlook on life, what with driving around in a beat up limo and generally reveling in his dirtballness. Most of this looks like leftovers from the Fallen video but the line with the b/s nosegrinds is cool.

Kevin Romar:
Apparently ditched Ice Cream for Es. Smart move? Who even knows anymore. He’s got some intriguing tricks, such as a tall nollie b/s 360. The music selection here continues a trend I’ve noticed with a lot of Canadian videos/skaters, using the original pieces of music sampled for rap songs, in this case Jay-Z “Heart of the City”/Bobby Blue Band “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City.”

Ronson Lambert:
At this point I have kind of a perverse fixation on the bizarre freeze-frame hunch pose he strikes after his tricks. He’s getting a little better about it, sort of, but for most of this part I just sat there shaking my head. Moments later I can’t really remember any of the actual tricks.

Is ollieing over fire hydrants to grinds/slides on the curb the new pole jam? Sascha Daley has a big b/s 180 over a rail the hard way and there’s a good Busenitz line. Holy shit, it’s Aaron Snyder. Wait no, holy shit, Fernan Origel does a nollie front foot flip manual that actually looks pretty wild.

Magnus Hanson:
I’m pretty sure somebody’s skated to this song before, but it escapes my memory. The pop-shove it k-grind was nice.

Cody McEntire:
OK, it’s a nollie b/s bigspin trick, this must be Cody McEntire. And, it is. I thought about counting the bigspin variations in this part but gave up. He’s got other tricks too, and he can skate fast, so I should probably stop harping on it. For instance he cranks a long cabellarial kickflip over an Aussie gap and whips out a switch kickflip b/s shifty down some stairs, in a line, which you definitely don’t see everyday. But he’s got a little bit of a squat look when he skates and it’s real irritating to me the way Weiss & co. keep jamming the camera into his face to force an awkward giggle. Not being fortunate enough to grow up under the skate media spotlight, maybe McEntire doesn’t have the quick-draw witticisms the scrutinizing public expects for credits footage, and it’s kind of uncomfortable watching him try and come up with something. Good part though.

So, right. Another day, another Digital. Does the last Blind video count as a Digital? I kind of feel like it does.

Sub zero

May 26, 2008

The cold snap is over but certain sections of Southern California may be experiencing unseasonably low temps. Ronson Lambert, doing what he does best.