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Baker’s new blood

April 29, 2008

where the fuck was this trick

Like his frontside flips in recent years, Andrew Reynolds’ talent scouting is kind of hit and miss. He got a homerun with Spanky and knocked it out of the park with Brian Herman, not to mention Antwuan Dixon. Szafranksi I’m kind of lukewarm on and Terry Kennedy is a whole nother conversation, but then you’ve got Knox Godoy, who still hasn’t lived down his prepubescent Baker2G antics, and Evan Hernandez, who managed to get a board before everybody figured out he was boring as fuck.

Anyway in honor of the Baker/Deathwish video hitting the internet today I’m gonna do Deathwish week, unless another Andy Roy interview comes out or something. While we’re on the subject, how long will it be before Jackass World updates us on the Snuggle Bandit’s latest adventures? I’m sure it’s already in the works.

Anyway, there were a handful of newer kids in this video, so to officially welcome them to the skateboard industry let’s go ahead and judge them, shall we…

Theotis Beasley: He’s not much bigger than he was in Baker 3 but he’s looking better on his board and has a new batch of manual tricks–the fakie b/s heelflip manual down the bank has the boss arm style. The heelflip bigspin was a crusher and if he’s smart enough to be riding with Cam at 15 or whatever he’ll do fine, good shit. Where’s Rammy Issa?

Sammy Baca: Best intro in the whole video for sure, the lass in the white t-shirt looks about to wrench her friend’s arm off trying to escape, but you can’t really blame her. Having Baca’s arm snake around your neck is probably on the list of things you should get a tetanus shot for, or maybe consult with your priest. Reynolds is a known fan of UK skating and Baca looks/skates a little bit like Zarosh in the new Death video, with more of a street angle on shit. What he lacks in technical acumen he makes up for in enthusiasm, or stupidity, depending on how you look at things. The jump into the bank is nutty.

Brian Hansen: I’m not sure if he counts as new since he had a part in a Vox promo a few months back and probably elsewhere long before that, but I want to commend him for (I hope) finally dropping the “Slash” nickname. Not that many tricks but I was surprised how smooth of a skater he’s becoming, especially with his flip tricks. The b/s 180 nosegrind revert on Hubba was sick.

Furby: Cursed to resemble Chris Cole back in his World days. I’ve never been real impressed with Furby’s shit in the past but the nollie b/s tail to fakie at Wilshire was hot. Follow Brian Hansen, suck it up and go by your real and probably boring/hard-to-pronounce name. Or start beefing with Figgy.

Pat Pasquel: He can switch bluntslide rails (back to switch) and switch backside flip up 5 stairs but he can’t get his last name in the video? Bummer. At last he can make interesting sounds, which could land him a job as a stand-in for Sgt. Larvell Jones when they get around to remaking the Police Academy movies. Bomb of a switch heelflip over the rail.